A Look Back at Top Android Smartphones in 2023

A Look Back at Top Android Smartphones in 2023

2023 saw some great smartphones being released into the market. If you are anything like us, you probably splurged and got a few of them. But now it’s 2024, and there are some snazzy new toys out there tempting you already. But what do you do with the old ones?

We’ll get to that shortly. For now, let’s discuss the notable Smartphoneswe saw in 2023, such as the Samsung S22 Ultra or the OnePlus Nord series of phones or more. 

Although gaming phones like ASUS ROG have a decent UK market share, elegant phones such as the OnePlus 11 made their way to the hands of many. Let’s take a look back at a few of these remarkable Android Smartphones in 2023.  

Smartphones in 2023 that Drew our Attention

For now, let’s discuss the notable Smartphones we saw in 2023, such as the Samsung S22 Ultra or the OnePlus Nord series of phones or more.
Although gaming phones like ASUS ROG have a decent UK market share, elegant phones such as the OnePlus 11 made their way to the hands of many. Let’s take a look back at a few of these remarkable Android Smartphones in 2023.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

For those looking for a phone with a large cover display, the Samsung Z Flip 5 was a goldmine. Its promising hardware made it one of the most sought-after Android smartphones in 2023. 

Performance: With a powerful chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, the Samsung Z Flip 5 came with the right firepower for a smooth user experience.  

Camera and Display: You can trust its 6.7” screen size where an AMOLED Full HD+ resolution looks simply amazing! You get 120 Hz refresh rates too. The downside of this phone is the camera (12 MP, 12 MP, 10 MP). Plus, its battery capacity is pretty low at 3700 mAh. But, with those fixed hinges and the Samsung’s One UI 6, what more will you need from a flip phone?

Verdict: When you require a phone that’s easy to carry and bears the Samsung trademark, then the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 perfectly ‘flips and fits in your pockets’.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, however, is made for good performance and, therefore, it has good firepower. It does come with ‘everything larger’. You don’t have to compromise with it all the time. 

Performance: The screen size may be larger than several tablet devices, and therefore, it turns the Z Fold 5 into a productivity machine. The hardware in this device is as promising as it might get. Who would miss to buy a phone in a fold mechanism with 12 GBs of RAM packed in with a 4400 mAh battery in it? On the side of processing power; it has got the most desired octa-core Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor.

Camera and Display: The cameras are decent with the Galaxy Z Fold 5 coming in 50 MP; 10 MP; 12 MP and 4 MP setups. Not only that, but a 7.6” gigantic display makes the Z Fold 5 a truly foldable phone. To the mind of the ever-interested phone enthusiast; the display resolution in the Z Fold 5 could have been better considering the screen size. An 1812 x 2176 pixels of display does not look bad in the phone but it may not make the screen resolution crisp. Still; an AMOLED Full HD+ display with, of course; 120 Hz refresh rate, in a price range like that is worth it. 

Verdict: If you are on the lookout for an exceptional Samsung Android Smartphone of 2023: then choose the Fold 5. 

OnePlus Nord 3

OnePlus Nord 3

We don’t want to miss the OnePlus Nord 3 here. Compared to the Open, the Nord 3 may not provide enough firepower in the department of hardware, but it can be pretty much a good phone. It is a more powerful phone than the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE.

Performance: This phone might provide you with a little offbeat experience in the processing power. It bears the Mediatek MT6983 Dimensity 9000 chipset. The battery power and camera performance are okay. And that means they could have been better. Given the fantastic RAM power of 8 to 16 GB and the pleasing battery capacity of 5000 mAh (performance issue is a different thing); you wouldn’t have to compromise with gaming and content consumption.

Camera and Display: The fluid AMOLED display of the phone demands attention. Phone lovers might face confusion between choosing a Samsung phone and the OnePlus Device. Plus, the latter has the more interesting Oxygen OS. Besides, the 6.74-inch screen size makes it a phone with a glamorous display. The resolution could have been better though considering the size of the screen.

Verdict: The Nord 3 can easily be crowned the best Android Smartphone of 2023 is you are a gamer. If not, the processing speed takes a couple stars off its otherwise stellar portfolio.  

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The S22 Ultra’s performance is legendary. Short of making your morning coffee, you can expect it to do pretty much everything for you. Quite simply, its screen size, its camera, and its RAM make it undoubtedly the best Android phone of 2023 in the UK. 

Performance: The Galaxy S22 Ultra is again a beast like the other devices with a strong hardware backup; which makes it virtually a hunk for performing any processor-heavy tasks. It comes with 5000 mAh battery that gets all the support it needs from a RAM of 8 to 12 GB. No worries with gaming anymore with the S22 Ultra. It runs on an Exynos 2200 processor.

Camera and Display: With this 108-pixel camera and 8 to 12 GB of RAM; the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is one powerhouse for gaming or content creation. And if you are missing out on something; then you can look at the giant screen size; ranging diagonally 6.8”.

How about the 108 MP camera? This has been one of the powerful reasons Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra outperformed other contenders along with its counterparts; i.e. phones of the Samsung Galaxy series. 

Not just the camera, the Galaxy S22 Ultra brings you an AMOLED screen that marvellously sports a 120 Hz refresh rate. Plus, you have a resolution of 1440 x 3088 pixels and that is fantastic!

Verdict: This particular device can give other flagships real trouble in terms of comparison. This massive hardware power can raise this phone to a special level. It might not be the flagship killer. However, it might put others thinking about the device they have. 

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Well, if you are looking for the best Google Pixel Phone, then you have got the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro. Both phones promise you almost the same hardware. But, as the name suggests, the Pixel 8 Pro can pack in more performance.

Performance:  On the plus side, you have a higher battery capacity (5050 mAh) and lower very strong RAM support (12 GB). With this sort of battery and RAM performance, the Pixel 8 Pro can easily be considered a pro for gaming and anything processor-intensive. Pixel phones are again known for Google’s in-house chipsets. In the Pixel 8 Pro, you are going to find the Google Tensor G3, which is a good performer. If you want to buy the best Android phone of 2023 in the UK made particularly by Google, then the Pixel 8 Pro does stand out. 

Camera and Display: Although the camera of the Pixel phones generally receives positive reviews; the Pixel 8 Pro phone may have used a little more power in this department. But the good news is you get a 50 MP; 48 MP and 48 MP camera setup; enough for giving you sharp snapshots.  The Phone is also a good device for quality content consumption. You have got quite a large 6.7” with a display resolution of 1344 x 2992 pixels. 

Verdict: If you are looking for a Pixel Phone and you won’t make a second decision about it, then this is your pick.

Samsung Galaxy S23FE 

Samsung Galaxy S23FE

You see that the Samsung Galaxy S23FE is a fairly good phone considering the hardware powers and processing speed.

Performance: Like a particular section of Samsung phones, the Galaxy S23 FE carries a processor made by Samsung itself. It is the unique Exynos 2200 chipset that makes all the difference. The same CPU performance in relatively good hardware makes the S23 FE perform quite well. It can be one of the best budget Android phones of 2023. 

It also outshines the price margin by the RAM; the battery power and the price; which are 8GB and 5000 mAH respectively.

Camera and Display: The camera is not so impressive but is capable of getting ‘decent enough’ photos. Yes, the 50 MP; 8 MP and 12 MP cameras are disappointing to a few people. However, you still have a crisp display of 1080 x 2340 pixels.

Verdict: Although the hardware may not be promising in the S23 FE like other Flagships; it is a very good phone when you are looking for a pocket-friendly device. The battery capacity is also built for a fairly long-lasting performance. 

OnePlus Open

OnePlus Open

OnePlus is making a breakthrough in the world of Android Smartphones with its foldable phones. It can give Samsung phones a little competition too. If you want anything more than what’s Samsung offering in the world of foldable phones, you can go for OnePlus Open. 

Performance: The OnePlus Open is a foldable phone with a good processor speed because there is a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor in there. Along with that, the 16GB of RAM makes it a productivity machine and a gaming beast. 

Camera and Display: However, the phone outshines the Samsung foldables with its great camera performance. Along with that, the 4805 mAh battery capacity is literally satisfying. However, what’s monstrous with One Plus Open is the 2268 x 2440 pixel display; that’s AMOLED and 120Hz in refresh rate. Open it up; and its screen size gives you a super-large area of 7.82”; which practically is more than many tablet screens are sized these days. 

And then, a 48 MP main and ultrawide camera and a crazy good 64 MP telephoto camera do not allow room for anyone to criticize the OnePlus Open.

Verdict: Considering the processing speed; the hardware backup with the massive size it has, you can define the OnePlus Open as one of the best Android Phones of 2023 in the UK in the foldable Smartphones segment

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

The Galaxy Range of phones will always surprise you no matter what. But we are not talking of the S series here anymore. The A series of Phones excel at two things: Their hardware and their price; making it a truly affordable Android Smartphone in 2023 with a promising hardware treatment. 

Performance: The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G has it all with full-fledged 5G connectivity. Yes, you have read that correctly. It supports all 5G spectrums including the C-band spectrum; making it quite a beast at this price. The processing power could have been better. But again, the 5000 mAh battery and 8GB of RAM won’t make the phone sluggish; unless you are suffocating it with too many apps running at the same time. Plus, all this firepower such as 8GB of RAM and an Octa-core processor won’t make any phone enthusiast disappointed

Camera and Display: The phone is truly a beast at the display. A Full HD+ resolution in a Super AMOLED screen with a humongous 120Hz display is something we all would want. Plus, you have got the signature Samsung display with unparalleled vibrancy and brightness. 

The only downside of the Galaxy A54 5G is its nightlife photography. It does not mean it’s bad as it is marketed as one of the special features of this device. However, the photos could have been better compared to the other contenders in the market such as the Xiaomi and the Pixel phones.

Verdict: If you are looking for one of the best budget Android Phones of 2023, then you may find the Galaxy A54 quite relevant for your choice only because it qualifies all the tests quite effortlessly for its balanced specs. 



The ROG (Republic of Gamers) phone series has never failed to impress its customers. They are probably the best gaming phones in the market that give a distinct gaming phone look. 

Many critics have acknowledged how well they interpreted the visual style (RGB light effects and more) of the gaming PCs and laptops in a phone not losing Authenticity and uniqueness. 

Performance: These phones will never stop to impress their owners. With Qualcomm’s SM8550-AB Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and a massive 6.78” display, the ASUS ROG 7 stands out as quite a unique phone in the entire ROG series of devices. It’s RAM is, in a word; monstrous, which is from 12GB to 16 GB. The battery of 6000 mAh quite as well.

Camera and Display: For gaming, an AMOLED screen of 1080 x 2448 pixels with 165 Hz refresh rate is definitely made for a smooth gaming experience. Where a phone of this category and price range fails to impress users is the camera. Certainly, the ROG phone could use a better camera setup than a 50 MP, 13 MP, and 8 MP one. 

Verdict: The ASUS ROG 7 has a relatively poor camera performance. But it provides the user a superb gaming experience. This makes it one of the best Android Smartphones of 2023 for ardent gamers.

Samsung Galaxy S23 

Samsung Galaxy S23

No one will ever doubt Samsung’s Galaxy series of phones because of the surprising modulation of UI with sharp; quality graphics and a powerhouse for running…well…almost anything. 

Performance: The processor of the Galaxy S23 is also interesting. You don’t get the Exynos processor here but the Qualcomm SM8550-AC Snapdragon 8 Gen 2; which is a performance booster for gaming and loading your phone up with an increased number of apps. 

Camera and Display: But here’s where Galaxy 23 is a phone worth paying your money for and that is it’s a great device for stunning photos. Yes, the 50MP back camera sounds mediocre. However, coupled with 1750 nits of bright display; a dedicated and effective telephoto lens and a compact form factor to shoot photos and videos for long, the Samsung Galaxy S23 is practically a perfect device in the groups of Android Smartphones of 2023. With its 6.1” screen size, the Galaxy S23 qualifies as a device with a ‘small form factor’ rivaling other devices made by ASUS and Motorola. 

That does not mean the phone is too small to view or watch content. A 6.1” screen with a display of Full HD+ display and additional brightness can make you happy whenever you take a look at your phone.

Verdict: The S23 has managed to become one of the popular ones in the throng of the best Android Phones of 2023 in the UK. 

The Nothing Phone 2 

The Nothing Phone 2

The nothing phone has nothing too common. Those fantastic back LED panels; the light show and the raw; naked view of the endoskeleton of the phone make it a phone worth investing in if you want to stand apart. 

Performance: What we all miss with the Nothing Phone 2 is its performance firepower. Just think of its Qualcomm (SM8475 Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1) Processor that’s backed up by 8 to 12 GB of RAM with quite a satisfactory 4700mAh battery. That’s enough to help you gaming or editing high-quality photos on the go.

Camera and Display: You might be a little upset with the dual 50 MP camera; however, it can record 2k videos. Then its 32 MP front camera comes to the rescue with HDR recording in Full HD up to 30 fps. 

Verdict: The Nothing Phone 2 has a philosophy. And that is to be genuine by being transparent. The LED lights can be set to different kinds of ‘flicker’ combinations using glyphs; the transparency of the back panel is something that grabs anyone’s attention and makes them think. In a way, the Nothing Phone 2 isn’t a remarkable and exceptional Android Smartphone of 2023 in your hands; but also a device to encourage technological innovations universally. 

Motorola Razr Plus 

Motorola Razr Plus

Let’s say you want the Samsung Z series phone’s flappable feature yet something with an elegant and edgy style; you can go for Motorola Razr Plus without a doubt all because the phone ‘looks and feels’ exceptionally good.

Performance: The truth is this phone is okay for day-to-day tasks. The processor and battery are compromised by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip and a 3800 mAh battery. The RAM still wins giving you 8GBs of power. The processor is an octa-core processor though, which is still a good thing.

Camera and Display: The phone is massive as well, but when unfolded of course. The phone has got a screen size of 6.9”. Naturally, it would occupy quite some space in your pocket; but not when it’s folded. The phone is only 3.6” when folded.

This makes Razr Plus a tough contender to Samsung’s Z line of phones.

One of the remarkable elements of the Motorola Razr Plus is its display. Although the phone’s hardware power is compromised in a few areas; the phone has shown remarkable performance in gaming; video consumption and flipped mode. It does amaze its users with its stunning 32 MP front camera. Added to that, a Full HD+ display and a 6.9” screen technically fit into each other to offer you the display you’d want to see and showcase.

Verdict: In fact, Motorola Razr Plus made its way as one of the ‘best foldable Android Smartphones in 2023’. Its dust resistance also makes it a stronger device to carry and use throughout the day. It’s sophisticated but not what you can call a fragile phone. 

Google Pixel 6a

Google Pixel 6 A

When we speak of the best budget Android Phone of 2023; you can doubtlessly take a look at Google’s creation in its pixel series of phones.

Performance: The Pixel 6a is an all-in-one budget phone with ‘useful’ specs that will get your job done. However, considering the 6 GB RAM and the Octa-Core Google’s Tensor chipset, you can expect a decent performance. You get a decent battery of 4410 mAh with it. As mentioned earlier; the processing power and the RAM will be capable of giving you a good time in editing photos; running games or consuming high-quality content without that sluggishness you are so scared of.

Camera and Display: Yes, the Pixel 7a may get you a little disappointed with the camera since it has a back camera of 12 MP and a front camera of 8 MP. However, you get the Pixel software out of the box. It gives you a stunning display of 1080 x 2400 pixels or what you would like to call a ‘gorgeous’ Full HD+ screen resolution. A good 6.1” screen for content consumption is also quite enjoyable, don’t you think?

Verdict: The Google Pixel 6a cannot pack in as much as firepower like the 8a, but it’s still worth buying if you want a used Android phone.

To Conclude

It might be a little too partial to share a short list here about the popular best Android phones in 2023 in the UK. The truth is this kind of list never stops going. Do make your search on your end. 

The 2023 phones are great. If you have used them, but are looking to step into 2024 with some new gadgets, 247 Green Gadgets is a great place to sell your old phones. Enjoy our great payouts and seamless selling process.  

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