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Sell iPhone XS Max Before You Upgrade

Are you thinking of upgrading to the latest iPhone model? Maybe you’re just tired of the same old device you’re carrying around, and would really like a change. But getting the latest iPhone does not come cheap, and you’re running a bit short of funds. Worry not! With 247 Green Gadgets, you can simply sell your iPhone XS Max 256GB for a good price, and add to the funds for your next phone. 

Why should you sell your iPhone XS Max 256GB?

There are many reasons why you might be going for an iPhone XS Max sell. Some of them are as follows:

You’re Giving Back to the Economy

Your old iPhone XS Max is functioning well but remains unused because you upgraded. By selling it, you can save it from being landfill and return it to the economic stream.

You’re Avoiding Fast Consumerism

You realise you have more than one phone, and it’s best to sell your iPhone XS max 256GB that you’re not using anymore.

You’re looking for some Quick Cash

Being cash-strapped is no fun. Maybe it’s the end of the month and you are in urgent need of some funds. Sell your iPhone XS Max to 247 Green Gadgets; we offer instant payouts. 

How it Works

You can sell your old iPhone XS Max 256 GB to us in four simple steps.

Fill out the form

Just fill out our form. Provide accurate details about the current condition of your iPhone XS Max. Send us an Instagram DM with the message ‘Form Sent’.

Get the quote

Once you have submitted the information, we will send you a quote on Instagram DM based on the age and condition of your device.

Send us your device

If you are happy with the quote we provide, let us know and we will send you a free QR code. Just send us your phone via post free of cost!

Get paid

Once you ship us your phone, we will release your payment instantly. You can rest assured that you will get your payment the very same day we receive your iPhone XS Max.


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How much is a refurbished iPhone XS Max 256GB?

You can sell your iPhone XS Max 256GB for as much as £400, provided it is in good condition.

The selling price of a refurbished iPhone XS Max will depend on its condition and memory. You can get anything from £200-£400 if you go for an iPhone XS Max sell.

If the iPhone is in good condition, you can trade it in for as much as £400. The actual price you will get will depend on how well you’ve kept your phone and its memory capacity.

By selling your iPhone XS Max, you will not only make some extra cash. You will also be helping the environment by mitigating some of the terrible impacts that fast consumerism is making on the planet. Plus, a refurbished phone costs less, and someone else will be able to use your beloved gadget when it comes within their reach.

247 Green Gadgets is the perfect place to sell your used iPhone. We offer the best value and extremely fast payouts. If you need some money quickly, and have a spare phone to sell, hit us up!