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How do I sell my iPad?

If you’re thinking – ‘why is my old iPad gathering dust in the drawer?’ – don’t worry! 247 Green Gadgets has it all figured out for you. You can sell your iPad to us and get the best price online. Once you witness the magnificent prices offered on our platform, you’ll never go to another trade-in platform ever. We are known for our lightning-fast and reliable service.

Wondering how to sell your iPad? Just follow these steps. Your device will be sold and you will be paid before you know it.

4 Simple steps to sell iPad to us.

  1. Fill out the Online Form – Simply fill out the Sell to Us form on our portal and enter the basic details about your phone. Also, mention the condition of your phone.
  2. Get a Quote – Once the basic details are given, we generate a quote. We will give you the best price in the market, that’s a guarantee.
  3. Post to us – Once the quote is agreed upon, you get a QR code from us. Mail us your used gadget from your nearest post office. You don’t have to pay a dime for this.
  4. Get Paid – So the email is sent. Now sit back and chill! As soon as we receive the iPad, we’ll credit the money to your account.

Now that you have a good idea about the trade-in of the Apple iPad Pro, you can try out our incredible services and get the best deal possible. We offer the best prices for used iPads that would make you go wow in disbelief.

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247 Green Gadgets turns your beloved Apple iPad into a cash generator! We unlock the hidden value of your used gadget like no other platform would. Our hassle-free process ensures a smooth and rewarding experience for you. Once you sell your iPad to us, you pave the way for someone lucky to use the highly sought-after device.

Are you wondering ‘What happens after I sell my iPad to 247 Green Gadgets?’ To answer your question, it goes through the process of resetting. After we receive the iPad and transfer your payment, we give a finishing touch to the device by improving the aesthetics and making necessary repairs.

Well, why not?! Certainly, you can. We accept iPads and iPhones no matter what the condition. It could be a case of a broken screen or scratches galore or simply a poorly functional battery. You need not worry as 247 Green Gadgets accepts them all. However, you should know broken devices affect the price on offer. But that shouldn’t stop you from selling your iPad.

The worth of your iPad depends on the condition of your device. The price is offered based on three quality parameters – good, poor and damaged. A ‘good’ quality iPad is one that is relatively new and has remained relatively unscathed. Such a device would inadvertently fetch a significantly higher price than a poor or damaged quality phone. You can get in touc with us for a candid conversation.