Need an Upgrade? Sell your Samsung A40

Before you upgrade to your next gadget, sell your old Samsung A40 to 247 Green Gadgets.

Sell Samsung A40

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Upgrade your old phone: Put up your Samsung A40 for Sale

Embrace sustainability and reap the benefits of instant cash at your doorstep by choosing to sell Samsung A40. With 247 Green Gadgets, there’s no need to worry. A simple click will lead you to the world of second-hand devices, where you can sell your old phone at a lucrative price.

Embrace Sustainability with 247 Green Gadgets

Worried about the environmental impact of keeping your old or second-hand phones? It’s a harsh reality that your emotional attachment to your first Samsung phone or Samsung A40 only contributes to e-waste.

If you have a second-hand handset lying around, sell your Samsung A40 and claim at least half of its actual worth.

Tips to keep your phone sale-worthy

To get the best value out of a Samsung A40 for sale, follow these simple steps:

Regularly clean your phone:

Opt for sustainability by choosing 247 Green Gadgets. We will resell your phone after refurbishing it thoroughly. Additionally, we prioritize phones with a clean and spruced-up exterior to attract potential buyers. Don’t forget to keep your phone screen clean and shiny using a cloth.

Gather the packaging box and accessories:

Don’t underestimate the power of appearance. When it comes to your second-hand phone, a packaging box and other accessories in pristine condition offer additional advantages. Keep the phone’s charger and intact earphones intact before proceeding with the reselling process of your Samsung A40.

Add a screen protector:

Similar to any appliance or gadget, damages to phones reduce their value. Avoid such risk factors and enhance the value of your used Samsung A40 by adding a screen protector.

Why choose 247 Green Gadgets?

– Safe and secure: Choosing us means we will contact you and provide a price quote based on your handset’s current condition.

– Instant payment: Once you accept the best price offered, our executives will promptly arrive at your doorstep to collect your Samsung A40 mobile phone. We value empathy and ensure you receive a fair price for your used phone.

– Guaranteed best price: During pickup, you’ll receive a fair price as we always keep our promises. In the UK, we are famous for offering the best price for second-hand phones of all brands.

– Sustainability: By refurbishing your phone through us, you actively contribute to reducing e-waste.


Seamless Selling

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Yes, we accept damaged phones at 247 Green Gadgets. However, the resale value depends entirely on the condition of the phone and its market demand.

If your Samsung A40 phone is in pristine condition, you can expect at least 70% of its original price.

To ensure data security, perform a thorough factory reset before selling your Samsung A40.

You can conduct thorough online research or directly choose us, 247 Green Gadgets, to get the best price for your device.