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The much awaited iPhone 15 has undeniably created a huge buzz in the gadget world. However, if you are not satisfied with the specifications or interface of the device or accidentally dropped it leading to dents, you can easily sell iPhone 15 to us at 247 Green Gadgets. Good, poor, or faulty, we buy used iPhone 15 series in all conditions and promise the most competitive value. Contact us today for your free quote!


Customer’s Feedback

iPhone 15
So glad I found 247 Green Gadgets!

I needed to sell my iPhone 15 urgently, but nobody was offering an honest quote. Fortunately, I came across 247 Green Gadgets who offered me a lucrative deal and transferred the amount right away! I highly recommend them!

Deena Matthews / iPhone15
5 out of 5! 247 Green Gadgets provided excellent service.

Here is my 5 star to 247 Green Gadgets! The entire team arranges the sales process of my iPhone 15, offering me a great deal. No intermediator was involved, so I received the full amount without any deduction.

Rob Duvall / iPhone15
iPhone 15

Easiest selling process ever. Phew!

Right from offering the quote to transferring the cash, 247 Green Gadgets has helped me handle the entire sales process of my iPhone 15 hassle-freely.

Jane McMahon / iPhone15
iPhone 15

Will recommend to my friends. Great platform.

I will always recommend 247 Green Gadgets everyone who is looking forward to selling their used iPhone 15. The back glass of my iPhone was majorly cracked, since they offered a great quote for it.

Lizzy Spelt / iPhone 15
I was sceptical, but their transparency won me over.

I was thinking of throwing off my smashed iPhone 15, but my friend suggest me to make the necessary repairs and sell it to 247 Green Gadgets. And I think it was the best decision! Thanks to the entire team of 247 to make my iPhone selling journey so smooth.

Linda B / iPhone15
Saved my marriage. But seriously, a wonderful platform for selling used phones.

My wife was not happy with the interface of iPhone 15 and wanted to sell it to get the Pro version. Fortunately we came across 247 Green Gadgets and sold it a great deal. All credit goes to the team of 247 Green Gadgets.

Dan G. / iPhone15
iPhone 15

The most trustworthy platform for selling old phones. I will be back.

If you are looking for a reliable old device buying company, go for 247 Green Gadgets. I recently sold my iPhone 15 and received the resale value I was expecting for. They are simply the best in second-hand device selling industry.

Blair Mitch / iPhone15
iPhone 15

The best way to earn good money off your old phone. Go for it.

I was trying very hard for an iPhone 15 Trade in program, but not a single platform was ready to offer a quote I was looking for. Luckily I met the 247 Green Gadgets team online and they offered a quote that eased all my issues.

Andrew M / iPhone 15

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Features of iPhone 15


iPhone 15 is built with excellent features! The battery health, camera quality, everything is top-notch, so when you sell iPhone 15 or proceed with an iPhone 15 Trade in deal, you can get a higher price. Here are some of the top features of the gadget:

  • Haptic touch-enabled Super Retina XDR display
  • A16 Bionic chip for optimal performance even in heavy duty use
  • 48MP main camera with sensor‑shift optical image stabilisation, Night Mode, Ultra-wide Lenses and True Tone Flash
  • Video Playback up to 20 hours
  • Audio playback up to 80 hours
  • iOS 17, packed with excellent features, and privacy measures


Why Should You Choose 247 Green Gadgets to Sell your iPhone 15?


If you have finally decided to sell or trade in your used iPhone 15, 247 Green Gadgets are your most trustworthy choice! Our honesty, integrity, and competitive quote keep us ahead of our alternatives. Here’s what distinguishes us from the rest:

Prompt Response

Unlike others, we respond to your calls and queries on the same business day without keeping you on the waiting list.

Good Reputation

We hold a good reputation in the industry for offering competitive and transparent quotes. You can check our ratings and reviews online before choosing us.

Quality Customer Support

Whenever you have any request or question, we consider it a priority and resolve it right away. We strive our best to let you experience a smooth and seamless sale of your used iPhone 15 and other models from the same series.

No deduction in sales price

We pledge to pay the exact price we quoted when you sell iPhone 15 or opt for an iPhone 15 Trade in deal. Since no seller or intermediator is involved in the sales process, there is no chance of a seller charge deduction.

Safe & Transparent Transaction

We ensure a smooth, safe, and transparent transaction, without thrusting upon you any surprise charges.

Lightning-fast Payment

We never make any delay and transfer your money at lightning speed at the very moment we receive your iPhone 15.


Get Quick Cash Instantly By Arranging an iPhone 15 Trade in or Sale Program


Selling or trading your used iPhone 15 becomes easier when you partner with 247 Green Gadgets. With us, you do not need to break a sweat to prepare a sales strategy, frame any ad, or encounter any fuzzy buyers. In case you wonder, how can I Sell my iPhone 15 or Trade in My iPhone 15 for Cash, just follow these 3 simple steps and get quick cash right away for your used iPhone 15.

Fill Up the Form

Input all the information about your used iPhone 15, and mention its condition and submit it to us.

Get Free Quote

We check your form and offer the most competitive quote instantly.   

Post Your iPhone 15 & Receive Payment

If you feel that the price is fair, post your old iPhone 15 and receive your payment through your preferred online payment method.  


Benefits of Selling iPhone 15


Are you weaving thoughts in your mind like, is it beneficial to sell my iPhone 15? Without a doubt, selling your used iPhone 15 brings you a number of benefits, including:

Ease Your Financial Struggles

In case you are indulged in a financially distressed situation, selling your iPhone 15 can be a big help to cater to stabilize your financial situation.

Arrange Funds for Your Gadget Purchase

If you are planning to purchase a MacBook or any gadget, you can use the money that you can get through an iPhone 15 Trade in or sales deal to fund the purchase.

Your Phone is Broken

What’s the mean of keeping a broken phone? If your iPhone 15 is broken, sell it off! At least you can get some money, which is better than keeping a faulty phone. 

Contributes to a Greener Future

You can throw off your faulty device to a landfill, but it will increase the toxicity of your surrounding nature. Rather, selling your iPhone 15 will reduce your carbon footprint while filling your pocket with some real cash money.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a better value to Sell my iPhone 15 by providing its original box?

You do not have to provide the original box of your used iPhone 15, if your gadget is in optimal condition, you are getting a good value for it from us.

Do you accept iPhone 15 Trade in deals with faulty speakers?

Yes, we do! You can sell your iPhone 15 even if its speaker malfunctions. However, we will determine the value of the device accordingly.

Can I get the exact buying price for my 7-day-old iPhone 15?

The moment you unseal the box of your iPhone 15, it becomes a second-hand device. So you might not get the purchase value. However, we promise to pay the best market value for it.

Can I sell my iPhone 15 directly to you or is there any intermediator?

Yes, we buy used gadgets from you directly without involving any intermediary. So, you can get the exact price we mention in the quote.

Can I sell my iPhone 15 without its charger?

247 Green Gadgets does not ask to provide any accessories when you sell my iPhone 15. So, yes, you can sell your iPhone 15 and get a good deal even without its charger.

How can I get the best price to sell my iPhone 15?

By cleaning your iPhone extensively inside out, you can crack money-spinning deals. Replace the worn out screen protector, remove the case, wipe off the surface, and perform a hard reset, and that’s it!

Can anyone sell iPhone 15 to 247 Green Gadgets?

Yes, we never entertain any discriminations, as long as the sellers abide by our terms and conditions, we are ready to buy their devices. You only need to reside in the UK.

Will I get the price mentioned in the quote?

There is no intermediator involved, so you can expect to receive the exact amount mentioned in the quotation for selling my iPhone 15. We assure you that there are no hidden charges whatsoever.


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