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Unravel The Hands-On Market Value of Used iPhone 13 Mini

Do you know what the market value of your used iPhone 13 mini is? Don’t worry, we know what you want. At 247 Green Gadgets, we not only ask you to sell iPhones, but take time to inform you about the value of selling used phones. So, relax and go through each content before you sell iPhone 13 mini.

Why Sell Used iPhone 13 Mini?

Why do you want to sell your iPhone 13 Mini used? Is it because you already have a new one? Or maybe you just want to get a worthy deal for your iPhone 13 Mini used? We all have so much to ask. Still, the question lingers “Will I get a good deal?”

The value of your used iPhone depends on its model and existing conditions. Even though depreciation is a part of a product’s lifecycle, you can still make commendable money from your iPhone 13 Mini used.

  • Make great cash

This is the primary aim of selling any old gadgets, to get some value. Sell iPhone 13 mini used and earn great cash in return.

  • Declutter your space

Once you sell your used iPhone 13 mini, you make room for a new addition. Probably iPhone 14, isn’t it?

  • Time for a new phone

Cash in hand means you are ready to buy your new phone and a better one. 

iPhone 13 Mini Used seen better days? No worries!

Sometimes, we cannot control what is not in our hands, especially if it’s the wretched condition of your used iPhone 13 Mini. We get that your iPhone may not be in the greatest condition, still we accept phones with flaws, scratches and dings.

Which Used iPhone 13 Mini Can We Buy?

We assess your phone based on its condition, appearance and functionality and rate it accordingly.  For instance, if your used iPhone 13 Mini has fewer scratches, slight dents, low battery health (minimum 80%), fewer faults and functioning buttons which works fine, it’s categorised “good,” and our deal can be closed without any second thought.  However, we won’t entertain iPhones that are faulty and entirely damaged. 

Preparing Your Used iPhone 13 Mini Before Selling

Meanwhile, before you initiate selling, here’s what you can do to keep your iPhone intact to ensure the best deal.

Scrutinise its condition carefully

  • Keep your used iPhone 13 Mini inside its original box separately.
  • Maintain a schedule of switching on the phone on alternate days to check its functioning.
  • Use a 70-percent Isopropyl alcohol wipe to clean the screens and keep the phone shining and looking new.
  • Check if there are any existing damages and faults if any.

Clear all internal data

Head over to “Settings,” then “General” and tap on the “Reset iPhone” and “Reset.” Choose the “Erase all contents and settings” option and all your content will be wiped off.

Seamless Selling

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How can I ensure data safety if I sell my iPhone 13 Mini?

At 247 Green Gadgets, before we further your device for recycling or refurbishment, we check for its conditions, health and data security. However, we ask our sellers to clean their settings and reset to default settings before you sell your iPhone 13 Mini.

How can I make great cash by selling my used iPhone 13 Mini?

Selling your used iPhone 13 Mini is an exciting way to earn some extra cash before you head off for the next buy. You’ll reduce e-waste, unnecessary data leakage and will have more space to welcome a new iPhone.

Can I sell my iPhone 13 Mini with poor battery performance?

Your used iPhone 13 Mini’s battery health has to be at least 80%,below that we categorise these phones as having bad battery which we will have to replace and which, in turn, will effect in revised price.

Why 247 Green Gadgets is a trusted website for selling used iPhones?

At 247 Green Gadgets, our customers are our trust. We buy all kinds of devices from used iPhones, laptops, Macbooks and other phones. Visit our website and get in touch with us and unravel the best deal for your used iPhone 13 Mini.