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IPhone 8 plus

Earn Cash – Sell second hand iPhone 8 Plus

Is your second-hand iPhone 8 Plus preventing you from upgrading to the newest iPhone? Running out of money while planning to purchase a newly launched phone from Apple? All these worries have one solution in common i.e., 247 Green Gadgets to take away second-hand phones in exchange for a handsome amount of cash. Sell your iPhone 8 Plus with our most convenient selling platform without dwelling on worries.

How to put my iPhone 8 Plus for trade-in?

Who doesn’t want value in exchange for second-hand phones? Don’t let the silly emotions attached to old stuff fool you when you can opt for trading in your second-hand iPhone 8 Plus.

Let’s simplify the journey of selling the iPhone 8 Plus with 247 Green gadgets. Here are some of our expert tips to make this quest effortless than ever.

  • Choosing a selling platform-

Once you’ve made up your mind that you’re no longer willing to continue the gadget game with a second-hand iPhone 8 Plus, it’s time to sell it right away. In addition to that, you must be oscillating between this and that when it is concerned about the selling platforms, right? Choose 247 Green Gadgets for getting fair value in exchange for the iPhone 8 Plus.  

  • Keeping the phone accessories together-

Believe it or not, buyers are always willing to receive the phone’s original box. So, to claim a fair price in exchange for the iPhone 8 Plus, look no further than accumulating all the original accessories of the phone in one place.

  • Staying updated with the news of the gadget market-

Let us tell you that gadget market statistics is also highly volatile and the prices of phones are constantly altering. Never forget to fetch clear information on the gadget market situation before setting the desired price range for iPhone 8 Plus. 

  • Daily cleaning session-

Whether it is brand new or a used one, in the case of phones, we always prefer one with no scratches and dents. Hence, clean your phone every day with a tiny piece of cloth to keep its exterior neat and clean all the time.

Why choose us?

Perplexed about which platform can be the best one for your iPhone 8 Plus trade-in? Here we’re giving you the justified reasons for choosing 247 Green Gadgets.

  • Same-day payment
  • Environment-friendly option
  • Easy communication

Seamless Selling

Sell to us


Yes, you can. We at 247 Green Gadgets take phones in various conditions. Do keep in mind that the value of your used phone will vary depending on the condition it is in. So, a near-mint condition iPhone 8 Plus will fetch a better price than one with obvious signs of wear and tear.

Instead of choosing a random selling platform, it’s better to opt for the most reliable ones like 247 Green Gadgets.

The reselling price of the phone depends on the condition of the phone, Its maintenance and other factors. Still, there are chances of claiming at least 60% to 70% of the actual buying price.

Just follow the two steps cleaning and factory reset to get the best price for your iPhone 8 Plus.