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Bid Goodbye to Cash Crunch: Sell your iPhone XR now!

Explore the ideal selling destination for your used iPhone XR! 247 Green Gadgets is dedicated to offering you the most competitive iPhone XR trade in value. Don’t let this chance slip away to effortlessly convert your iPhone XR into cash!

Why should you sell your iPhone XR?

There are many reasons for selling your iPhone XR:

Unleash the Hidden Value

Uncover the hidden potential in selling your used iPhone XR! You can tap into extra cash that can fuel your desires, whether it’s exploring the latest smartphone technology, indulging in your favorite hobbies, or treating yourself to a well-deserved getaway.

Transform Clutter into Cash

Don’t let your old iPhone XR  gather dust when it can transform into something more valuable. Sell it now and witness how that neglected device can become a source of extra income, giving you the freedom to make choices that align with your current lifestyle.

Embrace Financial Freedom

Selling your iPhone XR opens up a world of possibilities. Embrace the power of financial freedom by converting your unused gadget into cash that can bolster your financial goals, provide a safety net for the future, or fulfill a long-awaited dream. Start your journey towards a more empowered financial outlook today!

Embrace Sustainability

Selling your iPhone XR is a step towards embracing sustainable tech practices. Rather than contributing to electronic waste, you can contribute to a circular economy by allowing someone else to benefit from its functionality.

How it Works

Trade in your used iPhone XR with ease and get paid swiftly in just four simple steps!

Complete the Form

First things first, fill out our user-friendly form. Provide us with accurate details about your iPhone XR’s current condition. No need to stress, it’s a breeze!

Receive Your Quote

Once you’ve submitted the form, sit back and relax. We’ll swiftly process your information and send you a quote through Instagram DM. We take into account your device’s age and condition to offer you the best deal possible.

Send Us Your Device

If you’re happy with the offer (and we’re confident you will be), just let us know. We’ll then send you a free QR code. Now, all you have to do is ship your iPhone XR to us through the post, and don’t worry, we’ve got the shipping costs covered!

Receive Your Payment

We appreciate your swift action! As soon as we receive your iPhone XR, your payment will be on its way to you. Rest assured, the money will be in your hands the very same day we receive your device.


So why wait? Trade in your iPhone XR now, and experience the convenience and speed of our seamless process. You’ll be counting your cash in no time!


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How will you protect my personal data?

At 247 Green Gadgets, we take data privacy very seriously. Rest assured that when you sell us your iPhone XR, we will make sure all your personal data is securely wiped from the device. Our thorough data erasure process ensures that your information remains safe and protected.

Selling your iPhone XR can be a smart decision with multiple benefits. Firstly, you’ll receive excellent value for your device, giving you a nice cash influx. Additionally, by selling your old iPhone XR, you’re contributing to eco-friendly practices, making it a greener choice compared to letting it gather dust in a drawer.

The actual price depends on its condition, storage capacity, and market demand. At any rate, you can rest assured that we will give you the best iPhone XR trade in value in the market.

To get the most value for your iPhone XS, present it in the best possible condition. While we accept broken iPhones at 247 Green Gadgets, you’ll receive a higher value if your device is in good shape. Consider fixing any minor issues before selling. Additionally, including original accessories and packaging can add to the overall value and fetch you a better price. Presentation matters!