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Time For Upgrade:  Sell old iMac At 247 Green Gadgets

As you have already heard, Apple has launched the new iMac 24. What about you? Are you still running around looking for a reputable marketplace to sell old iMac? Or maybe you are worried that you won’t recover your gadget’s worth after selling? With 247 Green Gadget, it is indeed possible.

Why iMac Stood Out for So long?

iMac’s longevity at the top is undisputable. They simply didn’t perform just because a whole bunch of the population bought them, it’s because of their sheer performance, and the ease of technical upgradation.

Long-lasting, rarely running into faults and impeccable performance, it’s understandable why you are having a hard time selling your beloved gadget. Here are four aspects that defines their success:

Vibrant Colours

iMac are available in all sorts of colours. One of the reasons, why it sold so much was because of the combination of its sleek design with a eye-catching shades.

Built-in Applications

You will find almost all of the apps in iMac. Plus, you can also run many of your favourite iPhone and iPad’s apps on your iMac, making it far handier compared to previous versions.

Retina Display

The iMac’s retina display varies according to the size you are opting. To put it in simple words, it has a razor-sharp attention to details, and with brightness as perfect, it feels like everything comes out alive.

Earth In Mind

With nature in mind, iMac comes around as clever investment for both the company and the customers. Its speaker, fans and motor all have a touch of nature to them, making them completely recyclable.

Why Sell Old iMac To Us?

We at 247 Green Gadgets believes in efficient marketing. We employ the latest logistics to ensure a smooth selling experience. Just ask our customers. 

So, don’t worry! if you are still troubling yourself with cheap trade-in of your old iMac.

Here’s why you should choose 247 Green Gadgets

Prompt Payments

The first in line, we make flash payments as soon as we get your iMac delivered to us. Let’s be honest, no one waits for a simple delivery. No, not even us.

Remember, your used iMac could be someone’s luxury.   

Hassle-free Process

With us, you do not talk to third parties or fill hundreds of forms. In fact, you don’t need any of these unnecessary formalities.

Just fill in a basic form, and get a quote. Once you are satisfied, send us your phone by post. We will make the payment as soon as we have your device in hand.

2Rs: Recycling And Refurbishment

Your Apple gadget is refurbished to be as authentic as a new product. Additionally, you also save the environment by selling your gadget. Now you see, that’s the power of your decision. 

Space For A New Device

As you sell old iMac, you make room for your next addition. Plus, buying a bigger and better Apple iMac means you will need to have enough money. So, start early and save.


Seamless Selling

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Online platforms are a great way to cash in on your used gadgets. Unlike traditional selling, it’s easy to quote your price and get the best deals.

Enjoy a smooth selling experience of your old iMac at 247 Green Gadgets. Fill up the online form and receive price quotation. After your gadget is delivered to them, you will receive your payment instantly.