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Sell the iPhone 14 Pro Max to Us and Receive Quick Cash

Are you looking for a genuine buyer for your used iPhone 14 Pro Max? Your wait is over! At 247 Green Gadgets, we buy used iPhone 14 Pro Max, despite cracks and dents, directly from you, offering the best value for it. When you opt for us to trade or sell iPhone 14 Pro Max, there you do not need to invest your valuable time in preparing and post-sales ads. Just send us your used iPhone 14 Pro Max by post and receive quick cash instantly in your bank account. What’s holding you back? Contact us today to get an obligation-free competitive quote!

Arrange Your iPhone 14 Pro Max Trade In or Sale Hassle-Free  

If the thought, ‘How can I sell my iPhone 14 Pro Max and get a competitive value,’ constantly agitate you, partner with 247 Green Gadgets and sell iPhone 14 Pro Max instantly! With us, you neither have to deal with chaotic buyers nor go through the complex negotiation process.

Simple Steps to Sell iPhone 14 Pro Max on 247 Green Gadgets

Complete the form:  Visit our website, locate the ‘Sell To Us’ page, and input your device name, type, condition, and your personal details.

Get a Quote: Based on the data and information you mention about your device, we offer a free quote right away. 

Post the iPhone: If you agree to the deal and want to sell the iPhone 14 Pro Max to us, post your device to us at the address mentioned on our website.   

Receive Payment in Cash for iPhone 14 Pro Max Sell: Once we receive your device, our experts run a quick check and send you the money through your preferred E-payment mode on the same business day. 

Appraise the Worth of Your Used iPhone 14 Pro Max 

While determining the worth of your device, we prioritize the following aspects

  • The make and model of the gadget
  • Its current market demand and value
  • Age, number of scratches, and overall condition of your device
  • Whether it comes with any additional accessories   

Gadget Conditions We Accept for iPhone 14 Pro Max Sell

Besides accepting good-conditioned devices, you can also sell iPhone 14 Pro Max to us with cracks and dents. Take a look at the condition of the gadgets that we accept and the ones we are not able to buy.

Accepted Conditions 

  • Used iPhone 14 Pro Max with minor to major scratches on the screen
  • Scratches on camera
  • Faulty buttons, microphones, or speakers
  • Poor Battery Health
  • Visible cracks, pressure marks, screen burns, pixel discoloration
  • Broken back glass

Conditions That We Do Accept 

  • iPhone 14 Pro Max with password protection
  • missing internal parts
  • Damaged and swelled battery
  • Snapped half or broken in the middle

Secure Fast Cash Process for iPhone 14 Pro Max Trade in or Sale

No longer need your iPhone 14 Pro Max? Sell or trade your unwanted device today with 247 Green Gadgets and get your hands on real cash!  

Diverse E-Payment Modes 

We transfer the money for the iPhone 14 Pro Max sell in a number of online payment modes. In case you are not comfortable sharing your bank details, we are ready to make the payment through PayPal and other valid E-payment apps.

Same-Day Payment 

We never make any delay in clearing your payments, ensuring a smooth and seamless iPhone 14 Pro Max sell process. The moment we receive your used iPhone 14 Pro Max, we transfer your amount same-day.

Seamless Selling

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking to sell my iPhone 14 Pro Max, but do I need to clean it before selling?

To expect the maximum value for your used iPhone 14 Pro Max, you need to clean your device both internally and externally. To clean your iPhone internally, log out from your iCloud account and hard reset it. Now, start cleaning the exterior surface, using any non-toxic gadget polishing agent to remove spots from the back, replace the old screen guard, and your iPhone will appear new-like once again!

What will you do with my phone after buying it?

After you sell iPhone 14 Pro Max to us, we thoroughly check the condition of your device to decide what to do with it. If it is a condition to refurbish, we will simply revamp it and introduce it in the market or send it overseas. In case your device is in a shattered condition, we use the internal components and send the external cover for recycling.

Can I sell my iPhone 4 Pro Max in any condition?

We accept nearly all conditions. However, we will not be able to buy iPhones that are password protected, come with a missing internal component completely broken or shattered, and the ones that can’t be turned on.

Do I need to include accessories for iPhone 14 Pro Max trade in or Sale Program?

It’s not mandatory to bundle any accessories to sell your iPhone 14 Pro Max. However, if you include its chargers and original box, you can receive a better value for your used gadget.