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Are you looking to upgrade from your current Apple Watch? This is the right location for you to be! Due to the high rate of return on investment of Apple products, you can now start the process by obtaining a reasonable offer from the Apple watch. Thereby, you can earn a fair price at 247 Green Gadgets by selling my Apple watch.

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Features of Apple Watch

Abundantly feature-rich, the elegant and potent Apple watch functions independently and seamlessly as part of the Apple ecosystem.

Design and Build Quality

The exquisite design of the Apple Watch is attributed to its diverse choice of materials, including ceramic, stainless steel, and aluminium. It is an elegant and pleasant addition to any environment because of its sophisticated curved screen that complements the watch casing.

Comprehensive Workout App

An extensive workout software that offers real-time data while working out is pre-installed on the Apple Watch. It is a perfect partner for fitness fanatics because it allows users to set precise goals, monitor their progress, and receive individualised coaching recommendations.

Always-On Retina Display

An Always-On Retina display on the Apple Watch guarantees that information is easily accessible at a glance. Users may see their health statistics, notifications, and time without having to lift their wrists or tap the device, which adds to the overall convenience.

Cellular Connectivity

The Apple Watch comes in a few variants with cellular connectivity. With the use of this capability, users can stream music, send messages, and make calls all from their wrists without having an iPhone close at hand. This capability improves the watch’s autonomy and usefulness, particularly when engaging in outside activities.

Customisation with Watch Faces

Users can customise their Apple Watch to fit their preferences and style thanks to the variety of customisable watch faces available. There are several variations available, each offering a distinct and customised user experience, from classic analog faces to dynamic ones that show real-time data.

Water Resistance

The Apple Watch is appropriate for swimming and other water-related activities because it is water-resistant. When combined with the swim tracking feature, this feature increases the watch’s adaptability and appeals to consumers who lead active lifestyles.

Why Choose 247 Green Gadgets for Selling Apple Watch

The greatest place to sell your obsolete smartwatch is 247 Green Gadgets. Here are comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions, like “Where do I sell my Apple watch online?” and “What kind of rewards do I get when I sell my Apple watch in the UK?” It is true to say that 247 Green Gadgets presents you with a win-win scenario. Selling your used smartwatch on our platform has the following benefits:

Simple and Rapid Procedure

Bid adieu to complex and challenging phone procedures. Our user-friendly interface makes it easier to sell used smartwatches.

Highest Possible Output

We are dedicated to providing the best prices and recognize the value of your Apple watches. We guarantee that you will receive the most accurate and enticing offers available.

Many Conditions Accepted

We are aware that worn smartwatches have normal imperfections. Not only that, but we also take watches with more serious problems, such as a damaged dial, a shoddy wristband, etc. If your watch is not broken into two pieces and can still be fixed, we will be glad to purchase it.

Safe Transactions

Ensuring your safety is our primary priority. Strong security measures have been put in place to safeguard your personal information and payment information throughout the Apple Watch transaction.

Procedure for Selling Apple Watch on 247 Green Gadgets

Selling smartwatches has never been easier thanks to 247 Green Gadgets. The decision to sell my Apple watch begins with searching for a reliable online platform. The following actions are all that are necessary if you wish to sell your Apple watch:

Complete the Online Form

When filling out our “Sell to US” form, choose the current state of your Apple watch along with any issues you may be encountering.

Request an Estimate

A quote for your smartwatch will be sent to you by Instagram direct message (DM) as soon as you submit our form. Please make sure to follow us and message us using the subject “FORM SENT.”

Contact Us via Email

We will send you a free QR code via email as soon as the pricing quote meets your needs, enabling you to ship the item to us at no cost by delivering it to the post office in your area.

Make Cash

After shipping your Apple watch to us, you will certainly be paid the same day we receive your device.

Benefits of Selling Your Old Apple Watch

Many consumers are finding the possibility of selling their old Apple Watch to be alluring because it results in various benefits. The following are some compelling reasons to sell my Apple watch in the UK:

Financial Gain

One can recoup a substantial amount of their initial investment by selling their outdated Apple Watch. Older models might not be worth as much as they once were given the speedy advancement of technology. You can recoup some of the costs of a new device by selling before it depreciates substantially.

Affordability of Upgrades

You can buy a newer model of Apple Watch with better features and capabilities with some of the money you make from selling your old one. This can ensure you stay current with wearable technology improvements and make the update more accessible and inexpensive.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Selling your old Apple Watch instead of throwing it away supports environmental sustainability. Selling your device helps with material reuse and recycling, which is important as electronic waste is a big problem. This environmentally sustainable strategy fits well with the growing significance of responsible consumption.

Decluttering and Minimalism

One way to clear your living area is to sell any unwanted electronics, such as an old Apple Watch. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle helps you focus on what really matters and instil a sense of order. One useful step toward decluttering your belongings is to sell whatever you no longer need.

Supporting Markets

Engaging in the used electronics market promotes a circular economy. You may prolong the life of an Apple Watch and lessen the need for fresh production by selling my Apple watch to someone who appreciates its features. This inadvertently supports a consumer environment that is more resource-efficient and sustainable.

Which Apple Watches can I sell to 247 Green Gadgets?

You can sell your Apple Watch in the following models to us:


Seamless Selling

Sell to us


To estimate the market value, look up recent sales of models that are comparable. At 247 Green Gadgets, you always get the best value for your Apple Watch.

Declare the model, state, included accessories, and any flaws in it. 247 Green Gadgets accepts a wide range of models irrespective of the condition that the watch is in.

Make sure you use a reputable online dedicated platform for selling and always utilize safe payment methods. 247 Green Gadgets always ensures customers’ safety and security.

Yes, you should perform a factory reset to remove all of your personal information from your Apple ID and erase it entirely.

Do not provide personal information outside of the platform’s message system, and be wary of offers that look too good to be true.

The resale value can be affected by the item’s age, condition, model, and original accessory inclusion. In any case, 247 Green Gadgets is offering your watch at a very good price.

To provide purchasers a complete picture, provide crisp, high-quality photos that clearly display the front, back, sides, and any flaws.

There is no need for you to handle anything. It is up to 247 Green Gadgets to do whatever is needed for safe shipping of the smartwatch.

Customer’s Feedback

Apple Watch Series 5
It was a smooth experience. Thanks, 247 Green Gadgets!

247 came to my rescue when I wanted to do away with my smartwatch. The entire process of selling my Apple watch, from listing to payment, was really simple and uncomplicated.

Jean Jacob / Apple Watch Series5
Apple Watch Series 5

I loved how easy it was. I will be back!

The effortless selling process on 247 Green Gadgets was much appreciated. My Apple Watch was easy to part with, and the transaction went well.

Mary Allen / Apple Watch Series 5

The quick TAT was what won me over. And of course, the good price.

The speed with which I was able to sell my Apple Watch in the UK is impressive. Everything about the process of selling on 247 Green Gadgets was easy and convenient.

George Kramer / Apple Watch Series 6
images (1)

The ease of selling was fantastic. Very honest pricing too.

This platform genuinely offers an extremely easy selling procedure. I quickly received a reasonable bargain after selling my Apple Watch, which was a breeze.

Olive Herbert / Apple Watch Series 6
Absolutely the best user interface. Made for everyone!

247 Green Gadgets’ incredible user interface was a godsend when I was trying to sell my Apple watch in the UK. It is absolutely something that I will suggest to anyone who wants to sell their electronics.

Maeve Green / Apple Watch Series 8
Apple Watch Series 7

I am getting on in age, and the ease of selling made the process so easy! 5 stars!

I applaud 247 Green Gadgets for having a simple selling procedure. I had no trouble or delays at all in selling my Apple Watch.

Kurt Geller / Apple Watch Series 7
Apple Watch Series 7

I don’t trust such platforms usually, but 247 Green Gadgets has proven they’re beyond doubt.

It was a pleasure to sell my Apple Watch online. The process was hassle-free because of the clear instructions and prompt assistance.

Hobart Parker / Apple Watch Series 7
Apple Watch Series 8

I am honestly blown away by 247 Green Gadgets. Will recommend!

It was impressive how easy it was to sell my Apple Watch on 247 Green Gadgets. The entire process was smooth, and I got paid right away.

Ronald Thomas / Apple Watch Series 8