Should I Sell My MacBook?

Yes! Unlock the hidden value of your Apple notebook.

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How do I sell my MacBook?

Are you ready to trade in your MacBook? If your beloved device is now gathering dust somewhere in your room, don’t worry. 247 Green Gadgets is much obliged to help! As far as a used MacBook is concerned we’ve got it all covered. Rest assured, we’ll give you the best deal on your used MacBook.

Once you get to experience our services, you won’t venture outside and that’s a guarantee. You won’t ever use another trade-in platform again after seeing the amazing prices provided on our platform. We are renowned for providing trustworthy, blazing-fast service.

Are you still wondering, ‘how do I sell my Macbook?’ Just carry out these steps. It won’t be long before your old device turns into crisp cash.


Fill out the Online Form

Just fill out the Sell to us form on our site and enter the basic details about your phone. Specify your phone’s condition very carefully.

Get a Quote

The next step involves getting a quote. We get the details and offer you a reasonable price. We’re honest and upfront with our prices. No takebacks!

Send it by Post

Once you agree to the offered price, you’ll get a QR code from us. Mail us your MacBook from your nearest post office. There’s no extra charge for this.

Receive Money

After we receive the gadget, it’s time to show you the money! Relax, we aren’t going anywhere! You’ll get the money the day we receive the package.

You can sell your MacBook to 247 Green Gadgets completely stress-free. We offer the best prices for used MacBooks that would dazzle you for sure.


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247 Green Gadgets gives incredible prices on your dear Apple MacBook. It is a veritable cash cow, if you will!  We value all our customers and make sure they get the best value for their gadgets. We unlock the hidden value of your used MacBook and give you a happy experience. Our hassle-free process ensures a smooth and rewarding experience for you. Once you sell your MacBook to us, you pave the way for someone else to use the coveted device.

When a used MacBook is resold, you become a part of the green and sustainable future. Any harmful metals and chemicals that could be a threat to the environment are promptly taken care of when used gadgets are recycled. The longevity of the device makes sure there’s limited to no pollution. By selling your MacBook, you can do your part toward a greener planet. You make a positive impact on the world around you. Join us in this endeavour and let’s make a difference together!

247 Green Gadgets make sure all gadgets are recycled properly after they’re received. Thus, you need not worry if the thought, ‘What happens when I sell my MacBook to 247 Green Gadgets?’ ever crosses your mind. After we receive the MacBook and receive your payment, we give the laptop a last polish. This is done to prepare the gadget for the next user.

You most certainly can. We accept a MacBook in any condition whatsoever. Don’t worry if there’s a shattered screen, a few scratches, or a malfunctioning battery. Simply send the MacBook to us and we’ll take care of it. Although, you should be aware that a damaged product would obviously have an impact on the price. But this shouldn’t deter you at all as you’ll still get a great deal on the device.

Your MacBook’s value is deeply associated with its maintenance. You’ll fetch your desired price based on how well it is maintained. Three quality criteria are used to determine the price: good, poor, and damaged. A MacBook that has stayed mostly untouched qualifies as being of ‘good’ quality. A much larger price would be paid for such a gadget than for a low-quality or damaged phone. Read the conditions on our website to get a real estimate for your MacBook.