Where Should I Sell My Apple Phone?

Used Apple phones are not a waste, they are gold. Sell Apple products and unlock the best deals.

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How do I Sell My Apple Products?

Selling an Apple phone is different than selling an android. It’s because your emotions are attached to it. Maybe it was your first buy or maybe you finally felt what it’s like to use an Apple product, after all the hype. Whatever that is, selling it doesn’t have to be painful because we, at 247 Green Gadgets, offer what your phone is worth.

We believe in doing transparent business. No arguing over prices, nor disagreements. Just the best deals, that’s all. Since we stress a lot over a phone’s condition and health, we quote our prices based on these parameters.

If you are ready, we’re here. The selling process at our platform is easy and effective. Just follow these 4 steps to sell Apple phone.

Fill out the online form

Fill up the online form on our website. Add important details such as the model, your phone’s current condition, and its age.

Get Quote

You will get a quote from us. Check for the prices and let us know. Or if you want to catch up on us, you can talk to our customer service, or you may simply drop an email. 

Post your device

Next, send your Apple phone by post or through courier. Just use our QR code;we cover the costs!

Get Paid

Once we have your phone in our hand, you will get your payment notification on the same day. No last-minutes changes.

Our customers are our strength. The core principle of our company rests on influencing a sustainable green economy. So, if you are still reading this, you know you’re at the right place. Get in touch with us, trade-in Apple products and get exciting deals.


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Online marketplaces have become an instant craze for second hand phone sellers. If you have any old or abandoned Apple phone, sell it to 247 Green Gadgets. A trusted and reputed site, 247 Green Gadgets offers exciting incentives on your used old Apple products. All the deals are set based on the prices and condition of your used phone.

Once you sell your used product to us, your phone will be reconfigured and refurbished into an almost new product before it is sold again. At 247 Green Gadgets, our goal is to maintain a sustainable, eco-friendly, and green economy. Besides, you will also prevent leakage of confidential information due to theft or technical errors and prevent e-waste.

As you sell Apple products, you automatically prepare your financial account before you buy a new gadget. The resale values for any Apple product are higher because of its high initial cost. Since Apple gadgets are more expensive than any regular android phone, this fact makes them more attractive and valuable when it comes to reselling

At 247 Green Gadgets, you can sell Apple products, iPhones and laptops with actual, reasonable deals. The process is seamless and there’s no third party involved. We provide excellent service and make payments on time