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Welcome to the realm of 247 Green Gadgets – the ultimate place to sell iPhone 13 and any other gadget you can name! With the trust of millions of customers and years of experience with buyers, we have carved a name for our simple transaction process and integrity. Discover the benefits of your iPhone 13 sell on our platform and unlock the hidden value of your phone.

Wondering why you should sell iPhone 13? Read on!

The thing with the iPhone is a newer version keeps launching virtually every year. As an Apple enthusiast, you definitely want to upgrade, don’t you?! What’s the point of keeping a newer and an older version simultaneously then! Sell your used iPhone 13 to upgrade to the newer model instead. Newer the model, the better the price!  Not convinced yet? How about these reasons then:

  • Instant Payment:

    You can sell iPhone 13 to us and get paid handsomely. The payment is done in no time and the process couldn’t be any simpler. We take care of your old device and you are rewarded in cash. How about that?!

  • Unlocking your used phone’s value:

    Your used gadget is best utilised when it’s in circulation. Ending in a landfill is a tragedy – both for you and the environment. You can give an aspirational iPhone buyer the chance to use an iPhone while you move on to the latest version yourself. A virtuous cycle, for sure!

Thanks for being attentive so far. Now we move on to the real stuff!

Selling iPhone 13 to 247 Green Gadgets: The simple 4-step guide

  • Fill the form:

    Fill out the necessary details about your phone in our online form.

  • Get the quote:

    You’ll get a price quote from our team immediately. The quote is offered based on the model and condition of your gadget.

  • Send us your device:

    Now you can send your used iPhone 13 to us. Just go to your local post office and mail your phone in a sealed package.

  • Payment is done:

    All set and done. As soon as we verify your device, your payment is released.

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Which conditions can I sell my iPhone 13 in, for best value?

We have specified the conditions under our detailed Terms and Conditions page. These fall under good, poor, and faulty. You can check these out and see which category your device falls into before you sell iPhone 13. The T&Cs remove any ambiguity from the minds of sellers.

Are there any seller fees deducted from the payment for iPhone 13 sell?

We believe in transparent pricing and always provide our customers with the best possible deal. There are no hidden charges on 247 Green Gadgets if I sell my iPhone13. The policy remains the same with other gadgets.

Can I sell to you from anywhere in the world?

247 Green Gadgets handles operations in the UK currently, i.e. in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We don’t accept devices from outside these territories. You can sell your used iPhone 13 to us only if you’re a resident of the United Kingdom.

What can be the best resale value for an iPhone 13 sell?

If your phone is in good condition, you’ll definitely get the most competitive price. If you go for an iPhone 13 sell, be assured that you stand the chance to get a better rate than the standard market price.