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247 Green Gadgets helps you turn your iPhone 13 into quick cash. We streamline the process of selling your iPhone 13 online in the UK. Contact us to get a fair deal on your iPhone right now.

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we revolutionize the process of sell iPhone 13 in UK by providing unmatched ease and same-day payout that improves the entire transaction experience. Our dedication to delivering instant makes us stand out in the market. We evaluate the value of your gadget and offer compelling quotes that reflect the true value of your iPhone. We release payment for your device the same day we get your iPhone 13.

Here is Why You Should Sell Your iPhone 13 to Us

Opting for 247 Green Gadgets to sell your iPhone 13 brings you many advantages. As leaders in the domain of gadget buying, we go beyond conventional transactions, offering you the chance to seamlessly sell your device. Here’s a brief look into why our services stand out:

Get Money for Your Next Phone

We maximize the returns on your iPhone 13 by giving you top-tier value through our services. You can use the cash you receive for your phone to acquire your next latest iPhone.

Declutter Your Space

Our services enable you to declutter your space by bidding farewell to the spare iPhone device.  Sell your iPhone 13 to us contributes to tidying up your surroundings.

Get Instant Cash

At 247 Green Gadgets, we recognize the significance of your time. Our commitment lies in providing not just a transaction but an instantaneous cash solution for your iPhone 13. We ensure you receive the funds you require precisely when you need them.

Hassle-Free Transaction

We provide the simplicity of selling your iPhone 13 with unparalleled convenience. Our streamlined process guarantees a trouble-free journey from start to end. Just submit your device information, and we’ll ensure that the entire transaction unfolds without any complications.

Same-Day Payout

Say goodbye to long waits for your funds! Thanks to our same-day payout policy, the cash for your iPhone 13 will swiftly find its way to you on the very day we receive your device.

Sell Your iPhone to Us in 4 Simple Steps

Fill the Form

Start the process by filling out our easy online form. Let us know the details of your iPhone 13. Once submitted, drop us a message on Instagram saying “FORM SENT”.

Get the Quote

After receiving the form, we provide a competitive quote tailored to the value of your iPhone 13. Our experts will assess your device, considering its condition and specifications, providing you with a fair and transparent offer that reflects its worth.

Send Us Your iPhone 13

Once satisfied with the quote, use the provided QR code to post your device to us for free.

Get Your Payment

The moment your iPhone 13 reaches us and undergoes verification, your payment swiftly enters processing, enabling you to get instant cash for your device.

Get in Touch for a Hassle-Free Selling Experience

Fair Quotes

Our quotes reflect the true value of your device and we ensure that you receive the most accurate and competitive offer.

Maximum Value

We are committed to maximizing the value of your device. You can trust us to provide top offers, ensuring you get the most out of your iPhone

Quick Payment

Our dedication to same-day payment shows our promise to provide an incredibly simple selling experience.

What Steps Should I Take Before I Sell My iPhone 13?

Selling your iPhone in the right way requires you to take care of some key steps. These steps ensure hassle-free transaction for you. Below is a checklist that can help you with that:

Remove the SIM Card

Before saying your goodbyes to your iPhone 13, pop out the SIM card. This is important for keeping your contacts and network secrets safe from unauthorized access. Access the SIM card tray which usually hanging out on the side of your phone, give it a nudge, and gently snatch out the SIM card.

Unpair Your Apple Accessories

If your iPhone 13 is linked with Apple accessories such as an Apple Watch or AirPods, it is important to disconnect them before proceeding with the sale. This step is vital to ensure that your devices don’t cause complications for the incoming user. Go into the Bluetooth settings of your iPhone and unpair all the connected devices.

Backup Your Data

Before selling your iPhone 13, sync your data with iCloud or iTunes. This may include photos, contacts, apps, etc. It’s your ticket to an effortless data revival on a new device and a safety net for future nostalgia trips. A backup is your tech’s trusty sidekick for a smooth handover, securing both your memories and the new owner’s peace of mind.

Sign Out of iCloud

The next in the process is to remove your Apple ID and iCloud account. To accomplish this, take a detour to the Settings app, locate your Apple ID at the top, and tap on “Sign Out.” This essential step guarantees a smooth transition for you.

Reset Your Phone

As you prepare to sell your iPhone 13, it is crucial to execute a final step which is performing a factory reset. This step will erase all the data and settings that you had set for the device. This removes all personalization settings of your iPhone.


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What's the expected selling price for my iPhone 13?

Determining the potential value involves a careful device evaluation, considering factors such as its current condition, storage capacity, and the evolving market demand. The value of your device is dynamic and subject to changes influenced by these variables over time.

You should sell your iPhone 13 in case it gets damaged. Or, if you want to buy a newer model and you need cash for it then you can sell your phone to put money for the next one.

Yes, we accept broken iPhone 13 devices. The value may vary based on the extent of the damage. Fill out our form, and our team will provide a quote tailored to the condition of your device.

Yes. Selling your iPhone 13 for reuse is a positive environmental choice. It extends the device’s lifecycle. This results in decreasing electronic waste and fostering sustainability. This approach aligns with eco-friendly practices that are appreciated worldwide.

To increase your iPhone’s resale value, ensure it’s in stellar condition and pack in all original accessories. Also, moves like erasing personal data and disconnecting accessories also help with a smooth transition.

Absolutely no seller fees here. Our approach is crystal clear, and the quote you’re given is precisely what you’ll pocket once the transaction is successfully wrapped up.

Our services are only available for the UK audience. If you live anywhere in the UK, you can send your device details to us to get a fair deal for your iPhone 13.

The ideal resale value depends on various factors like the device’s condition, market demand, and model specifications. Our team assesses these factors to provide you with a fair and competitive quote for your iPhone 13.

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Got the best quote for my iPhone 13.

Thrilled with the quote I got for my iPhone 13! 247 Green Gadgets knows how to a device. The whole process was smooth, and I ended up with the best deal. Definitely a satisfied customer!

Millie Knight / iPhone 13
iPhone 13

Got the best deal for my iPhone 13. Thoroughly impressed.

Extremely happy with the deal I got for my iPhone 13 at 247 Green Gadgets. My had minor damage around the back. Still, I got great price for it.

Elsie Young / iPhone 13
iPhone 13

Sold my iPhone 13 and got paid on the same day!

Sold my iPhone 13 to 247 Green Gadgets, and the same-day payout is no joke! Quick and efficient service. Super impressed with the speed of the transaction.

Isaac Cook / iPhone 13
iPhone 13

My broken iPhone 13 had me worried.

My broken iPhone 13 had me stressed until I found 247 Green Gadgets. They accepted it, offered a fair deal, and made the process surprisingly stress-free. Grateful for their service!

Freddie Russell / iPhone 13
iPhone 13

247 Green Gadgets is now my go-to for selling old phones.

Found my go-to spot for selling old phones! 247 Green Gadgets made the whole process easy, and their fair quotes keep me coming back. Trustworthy and reliable service.

Matilda Campbell / iPhone 13
iPhone 13

Can’t believe it was this easy!

Selling my iPhone 13 couldn’t have been simpler! 247 Green Gadgets made the entire process so easy. From filling out the form to getting paid, it was unbelievably simple. Highly recommend!

Archie Kelly / iPhone 13
iPhone 13

Quick cash and no fuss. Loved this service!

Quick cash without the hassle! Loved the seamless service at 247 Green Gadgets. It’s refreshing to find a platform that makes selling gadgets so straightforward. Highly recommended! Selling made easy.

Ivy Palmer / iPhone 13
iPhone 13

247 Green Gadgets for the win!

Shoutout to 247 Green Gadgets for being the absolute winner! Top-notch service. They offer fair deals and the team knows their stuff. My go-to place for selling iPhones. You are the best!

Oscar Ward / iPhone 13