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Are you searching for a genuine buyer to sell iPhone 12? Your search ends with 247 Green Gadgets! Voted as one of the leading gadget-buying companies, we ensure you the most hassle-free iPhone 12 sell program ever! No need to bear the struggle of preparing sales ads or interacting with any intermediator. Just partner with 247 Green Gadgets and sell your device at the best market price stress-freely.

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Why should You Choose 247 Green Gadgets to sell iPhone 12?

In case you are weaving thoughts in your mind like, ‘Should I trust 247 Green Gadgets and sell my iPhone 12’ then we would like you to tell us what makes us your best choice. First of all, we never keep you on the waiting list. The moment you reach us to sell your device, we attend to you instantly and share a quote promptly. Secondly, our quote is free from any type of hidden or surprise charges. Finally, we always ensure a secure transaction process while offering outstanding customer support.

Can I offer different iPhone 12 Series devices for sale?

Yes, we at 247 Green Gadgets buy all the other models of the iPhone 12 Series as well. Here’s the complete list:




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Yes of course! In fact, 247 Green Gadgets never ask you to bundle up any additional accessories, like chargers, earphones, or even the original box with iPhone 12 as the resale value of your device depends only on its internal and external condition.

The moment you send us your iPhone 12, we send you the quoted amount in cash through your bank account or any E-payment mode you are comfortable with. Since sellers do not like to receive the amount in credit form, we do not encourage it.

At some point in time, you will sell iPhone 12. Keeping that in mind, take good care of your device from day one. Buyers look for two aspects while buying an iPhone, its appearance and performance. Therefore to increase your iPhone 12’s resale value, replace the worn-out screen protector and case and wipe the back and front glass. Additionally, perform a hard rest to boost your device’s performance and storage capacity. 

Yes we do! 247 Green Gadgets accept iPhone 12, regardless of its condition. But it has to be turned on and accessible. However, since the resale value of your iPhone 12 relies on its condition, you might get a lower value depending on the number of dents. For a better understanding, visit the terms and conditions page of 247 Green Gadgets and read in detail.

We never make any delay in making the payment to our clients and usually clear the payment on the same business day. Once our team gets your iPhone 12 in their hands, they instantly transfer the money directly to your bank account.

Arranging an iPhone 12 sell program with 247 Green Gadgets involves only a few simple steps. You just need to fill out a form on our website, mentioning the condition of the device. After that we share with you a quote, if you agree to the quote, post your device to our address and receive the amount instantly.

Certainly not! Hence, to sell iPhone 12, make sure your device is not locked. The reason for this is that nobody other than the original owner of the device can open the lock and use it. In case we find any password-protected iPhone 12, we will return it to you.

That’s not an issue! We never ask you to share the bill of the device. You can just post your device and receive the money!

If your iPhone 12 is just 3 months old or so and so old, you can definitely expect to get a higher price. However, the resale value entirely depends on the condition of your device. Thus, we can’t provide the estimation without assessing your device’s condition. To get an exact quote for your iPhone 12, reach out to us today!

Customer’s Feedback

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247 Ensures the Fastest-Selling Process

I recently sold my iPhone 12 to 247 Green Gadgets, and I must say they are the best in the gadget-selling industry. It took me only a day to complete the resale process and get the cash price.

Juan Rodriguez / iPhone 12
iPhone 12

The best second-hand gadget platform

I have a habit of changing phones very frequently. I have sold my gadgets several times before, but my recent experience with 247 Green Gadgets is unforgettable! They offer the most competitive price I must say!

Sophia Müller / iPhone 12
iPhone 12

Smooth & Hassle-Free Selling Experience Ever!

My experience with 247 Green Gadgets has been very smooth. All I had to do was post my phone to their address and they transferred the cash price instantly to my bank account! There was no intermediator or no hidden charges.

Maria Santos / iPhone 12
iPhone 12

The Only Gadget-Selling Platform I Can Trust Blindly

If you too have trust issues like I have, you should look nowhere else other than 247 Green Gadgets. I have used their services multiple times in a row, and they never failed to please me. Recently I have sold my iPhone 12 without encountering any hassle.

Luca Rossi / iPhone 12
iPhone 12

247 Green Gadgets Does What They Say

It’s my second time using the services of 247 Green Gadgets, and each time they proved why I should never replace them! I mentioned the condition to sell my iPhone 12 and received the exact money they promised to provide me in their quote.

Sven Jensen / iPhone 12
iPhone 12

Renowned for Offering the Most Competitive Quote

I was in the middle of a financial emergency and urgently needed to sell my iPhone 12. I read about 247 Green Gadgets and contacted them. They were very cooperative, guided me through the whole process, and offered an obligation-free quote. After I accepted the deal and sent my iPhone 12 by post, they instantly transferred me the money. I cannot thank them enough!

Miguel Fernandez / iPhone 12
iPhone 12

An Epitome of Genuineness and Trustworthiness

Before I got to know about 247 Green Gadgets, I was never ready to sell my flagship device through any online platform. But according to my friend’s recommendation, I contacted 247 Green Gadgets to sell iPhone 12, and it was the best thing I did. I never thought that I could get such a high price for my device!

Anna Nowak / iPhone 12
iPhone 12

Rated 5 star For Their Reliability

Here’s my 5-star to the best gadget-selling platform ever! I was looking for a genuine buyer for my iPhone 12, but nobody was ready to give the resale value I was expecting. But finally, I came across 247 Green Gadgets. I was so happy with the quote they offered me that I did not even have to make any counteroffer, and sold my phone peacefully!

Alexander Ivanov / iPhone 12