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Say Yes to Cash: Sell iPhone 12 to 247 Green Gadgets

We really wonder what’s stopping you from selling your used iPhone 12? Every year Apple virtually launches something new: Either a newer model or an updated database. If you are reading this post, we know you are here to sell iPhone 12. And why not? The newer your old iPhone 12, the better the price!

Why Choose 247 Green Gadgets to Sell iPhone 12?

Over the span of a short time, 247 Green Gadgets have won the trust of millions of customers. We accept iPhones, OnePlus, Samsung phones and laptops. We even accept iPhone 12 sell with dings, scratches and low battery health.

Still not convinced? Here’s why you should:

  • Instant payment:

    You sell iPhone 12 to us and you get paid on the same day! No second-thought or any sort of delay. Just simple give and take.
  • Buy a newer version:

    What’s better than to get handsome cash from your iPhone 12 sell and finally have the chance to buy a better version? Really, nothing! In fact, you are now free to explore the newer versions.
  • Zero data-leakage:

    Once you part away with your used iPhone 12, you also part away with the thought of data-leakage. 

Get The Best Deal from Your iPhone 12 Sell

  • Keep it Clean:

    Use alcohol-based cleaner to wipe your iPhone 12 and keep it safely inside its original box.
  • Switch-onoff on a frequent basis:

    Maintain a schedule of switching on your iPhone on a regular basis.
  • Be updated about your device’s latest market value:

    Research about your device’s market value and check for pricing elsewhere. You’ll get an idea of the price you want to quote for maximising your iPhone 12 sell. 

Make Instant iPhone 12 Sell: It’s Only a 4-Step Process!

Tired of the complicated process for selling iPhone 12? Follow these 4 simple steps:

  • Fill-up the form:

    Visit our website and fill up the form. Mention your device, its specifications and conditions.
  • Receive quote:

    We will DM you a quote via Instagram for your iPhone 12 sell.
  • Ship your iPhone to us:

    Once you are happy with the price quote, we will send you a free QR code. Send us your old iPhone 12 via post. We don’t take any courier charge.
  • Get instant payment:

As your gadget reaches our facility, we will forward the exact payment at that moment. No hassles, no fuss, you make what you agreed upon for iPhone 12 sell.

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Can I sell my iPhone 12 if its battery is damaged?

All used phones, laptops and iPhones should meet the minimum battery health target: 80% battery health. Devices below this range will have their battery changed and will effect in revised price.

Can I sell my iPhone 12 if I do not live in the UK?

Currently, we are only operational in the UK and Ireland. So, you can sell iPhone 12 to us only if you are a resident of these locations.

Is it possible to trade-in my iPhone 12 instead of selling?

Get the actual trade-in value for your iPhone 12 at 247 Green Gadgets. All our prices are based on the phone’s health conditions, current market value and their accessories. Rest assured, you will never look back after you collaborate with us. 

How fast is the payment process at 247 Green Gadgets?

At 247 Green Gadgets, we maintain a policy of fast and reliable transactions. Our selling process is easy, once we have agreed upon your iPhone 12 sell and received your device, you will get your payment on the same day.