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The Untapped Potential of the Used Apple iPad Mini 5

Are you planning to buy a new Apple product? You may have saved some and want to keep yourself updated with the latest developments in the market. Things from Apple are a head-turner. Something like an iPad Mini 5, if still usable, can have a great resale value.

Why Your Used Apple Product May Still Have Some Tricks up Its Sleeve

Let’s face it, you bought the product knowing the appeal and clout you will get. It has made its name and has been at the top for years. 

A Used Apple iPad Mini 5 Can Be Valuable to the Right Buyer

The operating system of Apple products is unique and it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to security. Apple veterans can vouch for this. 

You cannot sell a used item at the price it was bought at, unfortunately. However, you can recover the lion’s share of the money if you resell the item, provided the potential buyers are willing to accept it. An iPad mini 5 trade-in is also possible for another Apple device.

If you want to sell iPad mini 5, for example, its hardware and interface have to be in a desirable condition. Would you like to buy something that is partially functional? No, right? Neither would your customers.

Sell iPad Mini 5 & Potentially Hit the Jackpot!

Opting for 247 Green Gadgets to sell your iPad Mini 5 will give you a transparent experience. You can rest assured that there are no hidden fees involved and you will be notified about each development of the process.

Let Us Know of Your Device’s Worth

First off, we will ask you some questions about the condition of your Apple iPad mini 5 in the form of a questionnaire. You can mention the issues if your device is suffering from any. 


The transparency we promised will be ensured through a quote that we will send you after you have filled out the questionnaire. It will be sent to you on Instagram. Just reply with ‘FORM SENT’ so that we can initiate the process.

Post to Us

We will send you a QR code for free so that you can post the item to us from a local post office. This is free and the amount for the item will be sent to you no sooner it reaches us.


Seamless Selling

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It depends on what you hope to make from the sale. The market for Apple products is usually high and the footfall in Apple stores most of the time is noteworthy. Your iPad mini 5, if the condition satisfies potential buyers, you can make quite the dough from the sale.

If you want to resell your iPad Mini 5, the money you can make would probably be in the range of 297 Euros to 500 Euros.

We can only speak for ourselves. At 247 Green Gadgets, we will try to make the process as fast as possible. You will be paid on the day the item reaches us.