Sell Apple Watch Series 6: Get The Most Out Of Your Apple Watch

Heads up, Apple Watch fans! If you’re rocking a Series 6 and thinking about upgrading, listen up. Now you can sell Apple Watch Series 6 and get the best return ever!

We all know the latest Apple Watch tempts our tech soul. But fork out big bucks again? No way! That’s why we want to show you a way around! A way by which you can get rid of your old gadget and get a lucrative cash offer. So stay with us and check out our services if you want to know more about trade in Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6

Features of Apple Watch Series 6

The Series 6 is studded with some great features which makes it a highly desired smartwatch. Take a more detailed look at some of these features here: 

  • GPS: You can search for directions on your watch itself. No need to bring out the phone!
  • Blood oxygen and heartbeat sensors: Track your vitals like the blood oxygen level and heart rate.
  • Water-resistant: You can go for a swim with the watch on and it’ll work just fine.
  • Speaker and microphone: Talk to anyone through your watch!
  • Emergency SOS alert: Send an emergency message out if you’re in trouble.

Why choose 247 Green Gadgets to sell the Apple Watch Series 6?

247 Green Gadgets has been around for more than a decade now! Our wide experience enables us to understand the consumer inside out when it comes to dealing with used gadgets. If you’re planning to sell Apple Watch Series 6, check out why we are a distinguished name in this field.

  • Fast and Convenient Process

247 Green Gadgets makes it extremely quick and hassle-free to get a price quote and complete the sale. Just answer a few simple questions online and you’ll get a risk-free offer within an hour. If you accept, they’ll send a prepaid shipping label so you can mail in your device easily.

  • Strong Reseller Reputation

With over 10 years of experience in electronics reselling, 247 Green Gadgets has a strong reputation for fairness, honesty, and paying top dollar for used devices. They have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating demonstrating their credibility.

  • High Payouts Guaranteed

247 Green Gadgets guarantees to match or beat any competitor’s pricing. So you can trust you’ll receive the absolute highest market value payout for your Apple watch. Many customers report getting higher quotes from them versus other resellers.

  • Environmentally Responsible

By reselling your old electronics to 247 Green Gadgets rather than letting them go to waste, you’re contributing to an environmentally responsible circular economy that gives devices a second life. This aligns with our values of sustainability.

Overall, 247 Green Gadgets’ stellar reputation, fast process, and environmental ethos make us a trustworthy choice for Apple fans looking to sell my Apple Watch Series 6 or any other Apple device.

Benefits of selling my Apple Watch Series 6?

Selling your existing Apple Watch Series 6 for cash or just a cool upgrade offers several advantages.

  • Awesome Resale Value: The Apple Watch Series 6 continues to harbour very strong resale value in the open market and among major technology buyback program providers. This maximises the amount that users can recoup from their Watch.
  • Convenience beyond doubt: Well-known trade-in platforms and dedicated gadget resellers provide an easy way for users to get competitive price quotes, ship devices using provided labels, and quickly receive agreed-upon payment. This avoids issues such as having to meet strangers!
  • The undeniable environmental benefit: Selling or trading older devices also provides greater environmental sustainability by extending useful life cycles of electronics that still have relevant technological capabilities. Rather than letting unused devices precipitously decline in value or get discarded, resale channels allow them to be wiped, refurbished, and redistributed to new users at lower costs. This supports circular economic principles.

How to sell your Apple Watch Series 6 to us?

  • Just fill a form!: It won’t take more than a minute. All we ask is some basic details about your phone along with your contact and preferred payment mode. Go to the “Sell To Us” link and fill out your details.
  • Get the quote: After the details are filled in and the condition is known, we’ll give you a quote. We’ll DM you the details over Instagram. We move ahead with the sale when you agree to the offer.
  • Send us your Apple Watch: Now that you are content with the quote, you can send your Apple Watch. We’ll send you a QR code to ensure you don’t have to pay any postal charges.
  • Get Paid: As soon as we receive your Apple Watch, we send the money as per the agreement. You can get standalone cash or decide to trade in Apple Watch Series 6.

Seamless Selling

Sell to us


To sell Apple Watch Series 6 on 247 Green Gadgets, all you need to do is fill out a non-tedious form. You get a quote and when you are satisfied with the offer, you send it to us and we pay you immediately.

If you want to sell Apple Watch Series 6, there’s no better platform than 247 Green Gadgets. It has the best prices to offer and the smoothest exchange process you’ll find online.

The reasons to sell Apple Watch Series 6 are manifold. You can unlock your watch’s value and help it get recycled. The refurbished product could be useful to another buyer who ensures its long shelf life.

The great thing about Apple’s products is their incredible features that ensure good resale value. If you wish to trade in Apple Watch Series 6, you should know you can recover more than half your investment, subject to the device condition.

It is important to take care of certain privacy safeguards prior to the sale of your Apple Watch Series 6. It’s better to sign out of your iCloud account before you send the device. We guide you through the process if you don’t know how to sign out.

There are few online platforms that can truly claim to have no hidden charges and 247 Green Gadgets features at the top of this list. From the first step to the last step of payment, there are absolutely no secret charges or levies on the sale.

At present, we do not deal with accessories. We are concerned with the device more than the associated parts. So if you want to deal with a trade in Apple Watch Series 6, just send the device to us. There’s no need to send the accessories.

Unless there’s a sentimental value attached to the Apple Watch, it would be a waste of precious resources to keep it locked on the shelf. If you sell Apple Watch Series 6 to 247 Green Gadgets, I can at least help someone aspiring to buy an Apple product.

Customer’s Feedback

Apple Watch Series 6
Super impressed. Will be back to 247 again!

As someone who has sold a watch before, I was consistently impressed by their focus on ensuring a seamless service. The transaction is secure and their payouts are fair. If you want to sell Apple Watch Series 6 online, sell it to 247 Green Gadgets.

Oliver Williams / Apple Watch Series6
Very happy with the experience. 5 stars!

This was my first time selling an Apple gadget online. My experience was smooth as butter and the price I got couldn’t be matched anywhere.

Charlotte Mitchell / Apple Watch Series6
Apple Watch Series 6

Loved the transparent pricing, and the great deal!

What distinguishes 247 Green Gadgets is that they really care and make sure you get every penny your device is worth. All their terms and conditions were crystal clear and there were no hidden charges, as promised.

Harry Thompson / Apple Watch Series6

Did not expect to be paid so fast. Thanks a bunch guys!

I got my payment the day my gadget was received. The service was extraordinarily fast. I will definitely recommend selling your used devices on 247 Green Gadgets.

Benjamin Turner / Apple Watch Series6
Selling my Apple Watch was a cakewalk. Will recommend.

The USP of 247 Green Gadgets lies in its selling procedure! The process couldn’t be any simpler and the prices couldn’t be any better. Highly recommended.

Emily Johnson / Apple Watch Series6
247 is my go to site to sell my Apple products. I’m a fan.

I have been an Apple Watch owner for quite some time now. And over the years, I have learned to become comfortable with 247 Green Gadgets for Series 6 trade-ins owing to their transparency at all times. From the pricing to the payment, the whole process is smooth and transparent.

Samuel Wright / Apple Watch Series6
Apple Watch Series 6

By far the best platform out there. Easy selling, quick payments. Go for it guys!

Looking for a speedy selling process? I have been immensely lucky to come across 247 Green Gadgets, a platform that provides customers with the easiest selling procedure and also at a good deal.

Marshall Plunkett / Apple Watch Series6

Loved the transparent process. It has been a fantastic journey with 247.

The price quoted for my device seemed too good to be true at first. I went through the sale hesitantly. However, as soon as the money was credited to my account, I realised I made the right decision.

George Collingwood / Apple Watch Series6