Sell your Apple Watch Series 7 to 247 Green Gadgets and Earn Cash

Apart from being the status quotient, Apple users like you and us are always excited about anything new. So, do you have any plans to make the switch? If it’s a yes, we are here! Sell Apple Watch series 7 to 247 Green Gadgets, earn lump sum cash and boost your next buy.


Apple Watch Series 7: Features that sell!

So many technology companies manufacture outrageous and mouth-watering smartwatches, but wonder why people go mad for even a trade-in Apple watch series 7? It’s in the features. Everything!

And that itself is the sole difference maker when compared to other smartwatches. Let’s take a look at some of them while you prepare to sell your Apple watch series 7:

  • Larger Display & Silky Touch:

    A massive upgrade over Series 6, the series 7 comes with always-on Retina display and offers 50% more screen area, which means less half-written options and smoother operability. It comes in all five aluminium colours and its silk touch makes tapping easier, while reducing stress on your fingers. Due to the larger display, the buttons have been redesigned which subsequently increases the efficiency of using a calculator and timer. Now you don’t have to move your wrist as the display is always on. Also, it’s 70% brighter indoors even when your wrist is down.

    A major question that most Apple product buyers ask is “Will the gadget last if it falls hard on the surface?” or “Is it strong enough to resist small falls, dings and scratches?” Truth to be told, the Apple watch series 7 endures everything. Bigger display means a stronger and durable crack-resistant crystal front. IP6X certified dust-resistant, the Series 7 also comes Swimproof with WR50 water resistance.

  • Innovative Health functions & Faster Charging:
    One sector where Apple watch series 7 flourished is in enhancing health metrics. Now you can measure blood oxygen level, check heart rate, and track your sleep with an advanced sensor and app. Additionally, the entire charging system has been modified and now offers up to 33% faster charging than series 6, a perfect bait to sell or trade-in Apple Watch Series 7.
  • Monitor Your Fitness:

    Running, jogging, squatting or striding, the series 7 has got everything figured out. And now it has added Pilates and Tai Chi to raise your endorphins. The new cycling gears enable the Apple watch to detect your pedalling, voice feedback feature, and fall detection. In the water? Don’t worry. The watch offers water resistance for about 50 metres.

  • Activities, Calls and Apps:

    Activity rings such as moving, standing and exercising track your movements and you can also share them with your friends. With Apple music, you get access to millions of tracks and podcasts.

Most Apple product buyers, whether buying new or trade-in Apple Watch Series 7, always look out for newer apps and features. This is where it decides whether the product sells or gets wasted. And the answer is, it sells! In fact, it sells in millions. 

Why Should sell your Apple Watch Series 7 to 247 Green Gadgets?

It is absolutely normal to have the question “Why should I sell my Apple Watch Series 7 to them?” pop up in your mind. These four commandments represent our entire business:

  • Unimaginable returns:

    We understand that happy customers means successful business and we strive to provide the best market price for your trade-in Apple Watch Series 7 or other products. Our algorithms are mechanised to provide accurate and competitive offers for your iPhone, Apple watches or laptops. We have been a reliable site among online sellers, and you have every good reason to sell Apple Watch Series 7 to us.

  • Fast selling process:

    We don’t endorse third party involvement or filling in hundreds of forms. At 247 Green Gadgets, we make sure selling is easy, fast and efficient. Our process is simple: fill in a basic form, get a quote, and send us your phone by post followed by getting your payment on the same day.

  • Secure transactions:

    Online marketing is risky but not us. We are equipped with robust security and provide end-to-end protection for your personal data, transactions and payments details.

Our 4-Steps Selling Process

Selling an Apple gadget is different from selling other devices. It’s because a part of us is attached to it. And we don’t want to sell it into the wrong hands. There are so many reasons to ponder upon, but selling Apple Watch series 7 doesn’t have to be painful because we offer what your phone is worth.

If you are ready, we’re here. Just follow these 4 steps to sell or trade in Apple Watch Series 7:

  • Fill-up Online form

Tap on the “Sell to us” option and fill up the online form. Add relevant details of your second-hand device including your phone’s current condition and health.

  • Receive a Quote

You will receive a quote from us. In case you want to catch up on us, hit us up on our customer service, or you may simply drop an email.

  • Post your device

If we have agreed upon the quoted price, send your trade-in Apple Watch Series 7by post or through courier. We encourage free shipping as we don’t charge.

  • Instant Payment

Once your device reaches our facility, you will get a notification for the successful payment on the same day. Zero blink and zero last-minutes changes.

Our business is clean and clear. We buy your used device and pay you exciting cash

Benefits of Selling Apple watch series 7

Flexible Payments

You will get notification of your payment as soon as your trade-in Apple Watch Series 7 gets delivered to us. You get the exact amount that was discussed during our negotiation and we get your watch. Deal done!

Best Deals

247 Green Gadgets has a very simple vision – happy customers means successful business. We offer a range of deals you can choose from. Or you can simply visit our website and quote the price for your Apple product.

Heals the Ecosphere

Upon selling my Apple Watch Series 7, you are doing a commendable service to the environment. A discarded electronic gadget often leaks hazardous chemical substances like lithium, which can have dangerous consequences for both plants and animals.

Welcome a new device

Also, our deals are designed to align with your original Apple Watch Series 7 price. Besides, selling your used Apple watch or phone, the cash you earn strengthens you financially before you hit the market again.


Seamless Selling

Sell to us


Selling trade in Apple Watch Series 7 is an exciting way to earn some extra cash before you head off for the next buy. You’ll reduce e-waste, unnecessary data leakage and will have more space to welcome the newly launched Series 9.

At 247 Green Gadgets, our customers are our trust. We buy all kinds of devices from used iPhones, laptops, Apple Watches, MacBooks and other phones. Visit our website and get in touch with us and unravel the best deal for your used device.

We do not accept Apple Watches, iPhones and other phones that do not belong to the UK. Our services are currently available to UK residents.

Selling your Apple products is the best way to prepare your financial account before you buy a new gadget. For each device sold, we contribute towards protecting the environment and prevent e-wastes.

Yes, you can. Just list it as a faulty device. We will check its condition and provide you with an appropriate quote.

Used phones or trade in watches and laptops are refurbished to be sold in the market again. The device is bought from the seller and is sent through repairing to make sure the battery, buttons and cameras function correctly.

The trade-in values depend upon the Apple Watch series 7’s condition and functionality. The better the condition, the better is its price.

When you sell my Apple Watch Series 7, choose a payment method as well. You will get paid on the next working day to the method of your choosing.

Customer’s Feedback

Apple Watch Series 7
247 made selling so easy! Cannot thank you enough!

I was nervous about selling my Apple Watch Series 7 online, but 247 Green Gadgets made my work easy. My primary concern was my personal data, but they guided me through the entire process. Much thanks guys!

Joshua / Apple watch series7

Very helpful customer care. I’m very happy with 247 Green Gadgets.

I’m amazed by the team’s response throughout the process. They were quick and answered each of my queries. Overall, it was a great experience and I think I’ve found a trust-worthy online marketplace.

Elisa / Apple Watch Series7
Apple Watch Series 7

247 is now my go-to marketplace for selling used watches.

247 Green Gadgets made it effortlessly easy for me to sell my Apple Watch Series 7. The offer was spot-on and I got my payment without any delay. Highly recommended for anyone looking to sell their phone.

Graham / Apple Watch Series7
Apple Watch Series 7

I’ve been selling with 247 Green Gadgets for some time. Always great!

I sold my Apple Watch Series 7 and the process was very simple. The offer was close to the market value of the device and I made the decision as I have already had previous experience on selling to 247 Green Gadgets. Everything was so smooth! Great Service. Highly Recommended.

Ashley / Apple Watch Series7
Apple Watch Series 7

It’s been a pleasure. Will be my first choice the next time I sell a gadget.

Fast and efficient service. Selling my Apple Watch to 247 Green Gadgets has so far been the right choice. It was really easy compared to other websites when I tried to sell my watch!

Henry.O.C / Apple Watch Series7
Apple Watch Series 7

I did not get expected to get paid so fast and so well. Thanks a ton, 247!

I was so pleased how my trade in Apple Watch Series 7 was sorted out so quickly and pleased that I got money for it in my bank the next day. Thanks so much!

Emilie / Apple Watch Series7
Apple Watch Series 7

Finally found the best place to sell my old phones to. 247 is great!

Absolutely fantastic service. Very quick turnaround. Would recommend to anyone out there looking to get away with your old device.

Rickard / Apple Watch Series7

Loving the ease of selling and payment. Will recommend to everyone!

Swift, easy transaction, posted on Thursday, money into the account on the same day. Would recommend it!

Austin Dunk / Apple Watch Series7