Sell Apple Watch Series 5 for instant cash

Is your Apple Watch lying around? Do you not use it anymore even if it’s functional?

This time, you can put to use for someone else and gain some money. Choose to sell your Apple Watch Series 5 With 247 Green Gadgets; the process is a cakewalk if you follow the right processes. If you want your Apple Watch Series handed over to a buyer in exchange of money, feel free to tell us more!


Features of the Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch Series 5 is one-of-a-kind Smartwatch from Apple. The most popular aspect Apple has put in this series of Watches is an always-on display. This is a highly anticipated trait in the Smart Watch community.

Apart from the display though, the watch has managed to pack in some serious firepower in it. Apple Watch Series 5 has been quite famous when it first was introduced. Although one may not get to buy one from the manufacturers; one may buy a trade in Apple Watch Series 5.

You can sell it to the ones who are looking for it right now!

Display Specifications

The Apple Watch Series 5 has a good enough display of 326 ppi (pixels per inch); which is a Retina LTPO OLED. Yes, OLED display in a Smart Watch does make a ‘stunning’ difference when you consider it both outdoors and indoors and for long viewing times.

Besides. Are you forgetting the always-on display?

Look and Feel

Apple later introduced Titanium as a material for the build-quality of the watch. However, one can get it in a number of materials such as ceramic or Aluminum. Check which material your watch is made of when you want to trade-in Apple Watch Series 5.


The battery of the phone has received poor reviews. However, it still managed to give you 16 to 18 hours of runtime. The user may use the watch for longer or a set period of time if he or she does not use it too intensely. Downloading less number of apps can be a good idea.


Tracking in a trade in Apple Watch Series 5 is easier than you thought. It’s bright white display helps you check your vitals better. However, real time-tracking has a few additional features when you want to check your health with it. For example, the time refreshes every second and that means you don’t have to check your watch again and again.

Why Choose 247 Green Gadgets to Sell Apple Watch Series 5?

People look for a trustworthy platform to sell their Apple Watch Series 5. We, at 247 Green Gadgets, can help you out with a safe and secure transaction. Relax and sell your used Apple Watch and other gadgets with us. We can assure you that the process is simple and stress-free.

You’ll Get Throngs of Buyers without Having to Do Anything

We will take care of selling your Apple Watch Series 5 with the right attention the deal needs. The moment you register with us and share information of your phone, you do not need to worry about potential buyers.

And that’s because we will find them for you. Based on your watch’s specifications and other details, we will find the best and the most competitive price from you. All you need to do is to be with us through the process and sell your Apple Watch Series 5.

Secured Transaction

Sellers are often worried with how they can get the best deal yet obtain a secured connection. From the moment you join us, we will take care of the full responsibility of selling your apple Watch without affecting your privacy details.

We Sell Your trade in Apple Watch Series 5 Faster

Want to save time and get your watch sold fast? We can help you with that. As a matter of fact, 247 Green Gadgets can offer you multiple customers. You can quickly finalise your deal by choosing an option that you think is the best.

What’s the Process to Sell Apple Watch Series 5 Faster?

We understand that customers might be confused with selling their Apple watch Series 5. We have made this process fairly easy.

1. Fill out the Form to Share Your Watch Information

Find the present condition of your Apple Watch Series 5 and fill in the form with the details. You must also share particular information about your watch such as broken straps or battery matters clearly in the form. Your job is to be fully transparent with your Apple Watch’s condition.

2. Find Your Apple Watch Quote

We will send you a quote via your Instagram direct message (DM). You are requested to follow us; review the quote and click ‘FORM SENT’.

3. Email Us When You’re Happy with the Price

Are you happy with the piece quote? Well, if you are, then you’re going to get an email from us with a QR code. This code will make it easier to ship your trade in Apple Watch Series 5 from your home to the post office. 

4. Receive Money

Done with all these processes? Good! You will now receive money from our end once your Apple Watch Series 5 reaches us. Getting quick cash is that easy!

Benefits Of Selling Apple Watch Series 5?

Well, you are going to get many benefits, which you are. Otherwise, not considering.

Your Apple Watch Series 5 is a gadget that took numerous hours with vigorous research and development to be made and manufactured. Using it is good. However, not using it is worse than that. Therefore, selling it is a better choice.

  • You Can Reduce Radioactive Waste

Did you know that an unused watch lying around can emit harmful radioactive rays? Just like other gadgets these days, an Apple Watch Series 5 is made with a lithium ion battery. Keeping such a battery unused for long will deplete the battery and will result in radioactive pollution.

  • You Can Invest in a New Apple Watch More Meaningfully

Well, you want financial freedom in doing anything, right? In this regard, you can make a better purchase decision regarding your Apple Watch. By choosing to trade-in Apple Watch Series 5, you can get more financial privilege in buying the next Apple Watch or the next iPhone.

  • You Can Avail Better Apple Watch Security

Making money might be a general facility. However, investing for a new Apple Watch gets you closer to newer and more amazing features of an Apple Watch. That’s certainly a useful thing considering today’s technologies and Smart gadgets.




Seamless Selling

Sell to us


A proper trade-in service does not require you to sell your Apple Watch via a third-party application or individual. If you want to sell your Apple Watch Series 5, then trust our process. Send us your Watch’s condition and we’ll take it from there to sending you the quote to selling your watch in a price you deserve.

Your Apple Smartwatch is an electronic gadget run by the lithium ion battery. It might deplete and emit harmful rays if you do not use it properly or just leave it on its own. Find a good deal at 247 Green Gadgets and sell your watch. Earn a good financial deal and make someone else’s dream come true.

If you choose a professional trade-in service such as ours, then you won’t have to worry with courier and formal measures such as that. However, you must take care of initial packaging of your Apple Watch Series 5.

Yes, you can sell your Apple Watch Series 5 in a broken state if only it is functional and usable. To clarify your doubts, we will ask you to submit details about your Apple Watch’s present condition fairly. It will also help you get a fair price for the device.

It is easy to sell Apple Watch Series 5. Once you get in touch with a buyback service such as ours and share with us details of your used Apple Watch Series 5, we will help it be sold to buyers. You must assure us that your watch is in a working condition and is safe for use. Be transparent with your Apple Watch’s details and you’ll get your device sold soon.

You can sell your Apple Watch Series 5 even if it has not been used in a long time. Just make sure that it is working. Mention it if your watch has some sort of defects such as a torn strap or a broken screen. We, at 247 Green Gadgets, are going to consider your watch’s condition to get a decent resale quote for it.

Of course! Selling your phone is always a better decision than to make it eat dust. We can help you with that. With us you can trade-in your Apple Watch Series 5 by sharing details of your gadget and getting a decent price for it. All you need to do is to send your gadget to us if you are happy with the quote offered. We’ll pay you as soon as we receive it.

Share with us details of your Apple Watch Series 5 and we will offer you a price quote very soon. To get the latest and a justified price, you will need to share details of your phone. Do not hesitate to share special conditions (if any) your watch has. We can promise you that we will offer you the right price.

Customer’s Feedback

It’s Actually Quick…Impressive!

I needed to sell my Apple Watch Series 5 as soon as possible because of my latest tech requirements. I am quite impressed with how 247 Green Gadgets helped me out. Good job!

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Apple Watch Series 5
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Apple Watch Series 5

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When you sell your Apple Watch Series 5, you want to get a good payout and that too faster. This brand renewed my ideas about how old Apple Watches are sold!

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Apple Watch Series 5

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Apple Watch Series 5
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Apple Watch Series 5

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Apple Watch Series 5

An authentic and transparent service online!

Many of us have this worry running at the back of our head and that is if we get scammed in selling something precious such as an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy s24. Well, I sold both these gadgets in 247 Green Gadgets and my thoughts have been proven wrong. If you want to trade-in your Apple Watch Series 5, you can trust this service.

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