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Know Your Phone’s Authentic Worth: Sell Samsung S22 Ultra

Crazy how we thirst upon the idea of buying a new phone the moment a new version comes up, don’t we? However, if you have made up your mind to sell Samsung S22 ultra, 247 Green Gadgets has got you covered. You can simply sell S22 ultra to us.


Why We Value Your Used Samsung S22 Ultra

Technically speaking, leaving your electric gadgets in the cupboard is a bad move. Instead, sell your Samsung galaxy S22 ultra to us. Our aim is to provide excellent deals to our customers and protect the environment at the same time.

To put in simple words, Samsung phones’ worth didn’t just flare up because a whole bunch of people bought them, it’s their sheer performance, and their fight for providing the best of features. 

Sell Samsung S22 Ultra

Here are some aspects of why we you to collaborate with us:

Uncontainable Features

The S22 ultra is equipped with an OLED screen with 1750 nits peak brightness. It also possesses the LTPO display that allows it to increase its refresh rate to an unimaginable point. No other models come close in this aspect. Plus, it is built with a 2.4um pixel sensor, rendering it to capture more light and data. Such features cannot be kept in the cupboard.

Facilitates Clean Economy 

Be a part of the sustainable economy. Think about this, as you sell S22 ultra, it is refurbished and gets back to the market to be sold again. You didn’t need to dump your device, on top of that you just made some extra cash. Plus, you also got rid of the threat of a confidential data leakage. That’s what we believe in. A clean and functioning economy.

The Benefits of Selling S22 ultra On Our Platform

Best Deals

247 Green Gadgets has a very simple vision – happy customers mean successful business. We offer a range of deals you can choose from. Our prices are based upon verifying the condition of your device. Or if you have something in your mind, visit our website and quote the price for your gadget.

Heals the Ecosystem

 By selling your old phone, you are helping the environment in innumerable ways. Discarded electronic gadgets often leak hazardous chemical substances, which can have dangerous consequences for both plants and animals.

Having said that, if you are planning to upgrade to a better version, sell Samsung S22 ultra instead of dumping it. 

Instant Payments

You will get notification of your payment as soon as your phone gets delivered to us. We don’t charge for courier, you will get the exact amount that was discussed during our negotiation.


Seamless Selling

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The price differs depending upon the model you choose. As of June 2023, Samsung S22 ultra starts at €1,149 for the 128 GB model and rises to €1,499 for 1TB model.    

247 Green Gadgets is one of the most trusted sites among online sellers. You will not only get authentic deals but will get a profitable ROI.

Online platforms are a great way to cash in on your used Samsung S22 ultra. Unlike traditional selling, it’s easy to quote your price and get the best deals. 247 green gadgets is a trusted site among sellers, it provides the actual trade-in values for your used phones.