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Sell iPhone X for a Lucrative Deal and Be a Part of a Sustainable Environment

Are you thinking about getting a new iPhone and want to know if your old iPhone has any resale value? Then you are absolutely in luck! Apple products retain their value well over time, thus you get started with your used Apple iPhone X for sale for a fair price.

What elements influence the secondhand iPhone X’s resale value?

1. Condition of the phone

The aesthetic state of the phone is one of the most crucial factors. Your secondhand iPhone X will be worth much less than a phone in mint condition if it has cracks or scratches.

2. Storage capacity
Storage capacity is another factor to consider. More storage on the iPhone X secondhand will increase its value compared to less storage.

3. Age

Last but not least, how old the phone is also has an influence on its resale value. The phone’s resale value will inevitably decrease after extensive use.

Do not search further than 247 Green Gadgets if you are seeking a dependable buyer for your secondhand iPhone X. We will provide you with the most competitive quotation and restore the watch to make it like new.

Selling Your iPhone X Secondhand: A Winning Situation for You

The market for used Apple products is not short of customers. You should not second-guess selling your used iPhone X. We are available to assist you in beginning the procedure.

You recover the purchasing price

At 247 Green Gadgets, you will get a good price when it comes to iPhone X sell. If the phone is in good condition, you can at least recover 60% of the actual price.

You contribute to saving the environment

Recycling old phones and gadgets is a fantastic way to stop landfills. So, do not let the secondhand iPhone X go to waste, and let us turn it into as good as new.

You get to buy the latest model

Want the newest edition of the iPhone but cannot afford it? Use the money you get from your iPhone X trade in to get your hands on the latest model and fulfill your dream.


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Who will coordinate the dispatch or courier when I sell iPhone X?

No matter where you are, 247 Green Gadgets takes care of collecting the equipment. You do not have to worry about the process once you have decided to sell the gadget.

Intermediaries are not required. We are here to pay you the greatest price and acquire the device directly from you.

No, there are no hidden charges. Once you have used the pricing calculator to determine the cost of your equipment, you may estimate its value and reclaim a portion of that.

Select the phone you are selling, along with its manufacturer, model, and features. The best-selling price for your secondhand iPhone X will then be presented to you. Just put in your contact details and place the order. In the next couple of days, we will verify the device and then process your payment.