Sell your Google Pixel Phone. Enjoy the cash!

The Google Pixels still have immense appeal. Sell your old Google Pixel 5,6 or 6 Pro and watch the cash roll in

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Sell your Google Pixel 6 Pro and Get Paid

You can sell Google Pixel 6 Pro and get lucky with potential buyers. The device comes with an excellent camera and enviable all-round performance. Sell Google Pixel 6 or its Pro version, you will not see a lot of differences except in the display which will impact its final price

Sell Google Pixel 5 Or Pixel 6: Lucrative Returns

It is obvious that Pixel 6 would have more features but that does not mean that Pixel 5 should be written off. In the market for used devices in the UK, Google devices enjoy significant appeal. 

Which Google Pixel model can I Sell?

Sell Google Pixel 5 and you may pull the same number of potential buyers. Thanks to the ‘Google’ tag, you should have no trouble attracting leads.

The same can be said if you sell Google Pixel Pro. Advertise the product for a longer time and the number of hopeful buyers may increase twofold or threefold, you never know.

Get Started With Selling

While depreciation is common for all electronics, selling the item can result in you recovering a significant chunk of the amount you spent acquiring the same. If you want to sell Google Pixel 5, the amount you will get in return can be enough to buy a new device, if not a new Google device.

Here is how you can start off!

How We Operate

We, at 24/7 Green Gadgets prioritize customer satisfaction and will leave no stone unturned to ensure transparency. We will ask you some questions about your phone and the condition it is at the moment of asking.

The Quote

After the questions, we will send you the quote depending on your answers. The quote will be in the form of a message on Instagram. Follow us and send a reply ‘Form Sent’ so that we can initiate the process of giving you your money back.

Get Paid

You will receive a QR code. Then, if you still want to sell google pixel 5, 6, or 6 Pro, take it to the local post. You will get the money on the day we receive the item.


Seamless Selling

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The better the model, the higher the price would be. The same would be for used products. However, the price depends on conditions such as the overall condition, how long it has been used, and others. Try to renovate some wear and tear too.

Yes, definitely! Recycling has become a norm as electronic waste is becoming a global concern. Some organizations will buy your device and recycle them so that other users can take full advantage of them

On average, you can sell google pixel 6 pro after using it with updates in the software for a period of five years. It can also be five years if you extend an additional two years beyond the three-year commitment.

In addition to having an excellent camera, a Google Pixel 6 also has a great battery life, giving 11 hours of playback. The device is also water resistant and the glass of the same is also the strongest of the lot.