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Unlock The Best Deals: Sell Your MacBook Air at Best Price in UK

Has the thought of selling your MacBook Air crossed your mind lately? Maybe you are waiting for the launch of a new version, or perhaps you want to sell MacBook Air to earn some extra cash. No matter what your intention is, At 247 Green Gadgets we have got you covered. You can simply sell it to us.

Why MacBook Air’s Still a Fan-Favourite

Keeping unused gadgets at home can be burdensome. It may lead to leaking batteries and melting of metals like copper and iron. However, if you want to buy a new one, it’s necessary you sell your MacBook. Besides, as you sell MacBook Air it boosts your finances before the next buy.

Moreover, with so many online stores hovering over, if you wish to trade-in MacBook Air, it can overwhelm you.

We at 247 Green Gadgets value transparency and flexibility. So, don’t worry if you have different expectations. We have you covered. So, take the smart choice and cash in on your MacBook laptop before it gets too weary.

Unreal Dimension

The sheer dimensions of the MacBook Air’s display is enough to make anyone fall in love with it. Users, in particular, raved about the liquid retina display, especially both in MacBook Air 13 and 14.

Dynamic Designs

Sleek, super light and built with a fanless concept in mind, the MacBook Air has certainly been a game changer in every aspect. Its recyclable aluminium body paired with a fanless design remains silent even in intense environments.

Fast and Reliable

This is not new to anyone who has used a MacBook Air. The New M2 chip is fast and supports multiple operations at the same time. Plus, with its day-long battery life, you can simply leave your adapter at home.

Sell MacBook Air in 3-Steps

Complete online form

First thing first, before you sell old MacBook Air gadgets or other Apple gadgets, head over to our website and fill up the online form. Provide the necessary information of your MacBook Air.

Receive Quotation

Once that’s done, you will receive a quote from us. Check the pricing. If you are good, give us a nod and we will carry on. But, if you have questions, we are here for you.

Get Paid

After we receive your MacBook Air, we will assess its overall condition and health, and will pay you instantly. Without any delay. 


Seamless Selling

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247 Green Gadgets is one of the most trusted sites among online sellers. You will not only get authentic deals of your used Macbook Air but you will also get a profitable ROI.

The Macbook Air 1 costs around €787, while Macbook Air 2 with its lowest configuration has a base price of €977.

There are numerous benefits of selling used Apple gadgets. The major ones include decreasing E-wastes and the healing of environment