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Certainly! If you’re considering selling your OnePlus phone, it’s a smart move that can help you declutter and make some extra cash.

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How Do I sell my OnePlus Phone?

Are you thinking about upgrading your old OnePlus? If you are interested to know the exact value of your old Trade in OnePlus phone, then 247 Green Gadgets is here to assist. We offer the best deals for your used Oneplus, so you can trust us to take care of it.

After trying out our services, we assure you that you won’t sell your phone elsewhere. Our trade-in platforms deliver impressive prices that are sure to leave a lasting impression. There will be no need to consider other options, as we are a reputable platform known for our trustworthy and lightning-fast service.

If you’re still curious about “how to Sell OnePlus phone,” simply follow these steps, and soon your old device will turn into cash.

Fill out the Online Form

 Begin the process by filling out our easy-to-use online form. Provide the necessary details about your OnePlus phone. It includes its model, condition, and any accessories you’re including. This information will help us determine the best possible quote for your device.

Get a Quote

 Once you’ve submitted the form, our team of experts will evaluate your OnePlus phone based on the details you provided. We aim to offer competitive prices that reflect the market value and condition of your device. You can expect a prompt response with a quote for your consideration.

Send it by Post

If you’re satisfied with the offered quote, it’s time to send us your OnePlus phone by post. We’ll provide you with a QR code. It will make it easy and cost-effective to send your device securely. Rest assured that we take every measure to ensure the safe transit of your phone.

Receive Money

After receiving your OnePlus phone and verifying its condition, we’ll proceed with the payment. You can choose from various payment methods for your convenience.

With 247 Green Gadgets, selling your OnePlus phone is not only profitable but also environmentally friendly. Help reduce electronic waste and earn cash for your old device today! Get started now by filling out our online form and take the first step towards a seamless selling experience.


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Determining the right price for your OnePlus phone depends on several factors. It includes the device’s model, storage capacity, age, condition, and market demand. To get an idea of the current market value, you can check similar listings on 247 Green Gadgets or other online marketplaces. Additionally, the platform may provide a suggested price based on the information you provide about your device.

247 Green Gadgets accepts a wide range of OnePlus phone models in varying conditions. As long as your phone is in working condition, free from major damages, and meets the platform’s criteria, it should be eligible for sale. However, it’s essential to accurately describe the condition of your device to avoid any discrepancies during the verification process.

Sure! Selling your old OnePlus phone is not a problem at all. We gladly accept phones in any condition, whether it has a shattered screen, scratches, or battery issues. Rest assured that you’ll receive a fair and competitive offer, even considering the condition.

By reselling your Oneplus, you contribute to a green and sustainable future. When used gadgets are resold and recycled, harmful metals and chemicals are properly handled, reducing environmental risks. The longevity of the device also minimizes pollution. Selling your OnePlus phone allows you to play a role in creating a greener planet. It also makes a positive impact on the world around you.