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Have you made up your mind to sell iPhone 14 Pro but unsure how to get the best resale value? Rest easy and connect with 247 Green Gadgets.

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Benefits of Selling iPhone 14 Pro

Are you still in confusion whether or not to sell your iPhone 14 pro? Then let us tell you that selling the iPhone 14 Pro model is way more beneficial than you can imagine! Let’s take a look at how selling your old iPhone can actually help:

  • Put an End to Your Monetary Problems – Financial struggles can arise anytime, knocking you down. Since the iPhone 14 Pro has its own brand value, selling it might help you restore your financial stability for the time being.
  • Fund Your Next Purchase – In case you are looking forward to buying a new Apple device or any asset, you can use the sales price to fund your new purchase.

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprints – Other than selling your iPhone 14 Pro device what you can do is throw it into the landfill. However, doing that can increase toxicity levels of the enclosing nature. Instead, you can sell it, reduce your carbon footprint, and sustain a greener future. The buyers can use its internal components and recycle the exterior case.
  • Instant Cash for your Broken Device – There is no means of keeping a broken or malfunctioned device. Instead, you can choose to sell it and earn some cash.

Top Reasons to Sell iPhone 14 Pro to 247 Green Gadgets

From offering you the best quote in phone selling market to transferring the amount safely without deducting any hidden charges, we promise to create a win-win situation for you. Here are the top-of-the-line reasons that make us your go-to choice when you make up your mind to sell iPhone 14 Pro.  

  1. Quick Response – We never keep you waiting long, the moment you send your request to sell your iPhone 14 Pro device, our professionals assess the phone’s condition and offer you a quote instantly.

  2. No Involvement of Intermediators – We buy directly for the sellers, so there is no way you need to deal with pesky intermediates.
  3. Outstanding Customer Support – Throughout the sales process, we are committed to resolving all your doubts and queries patiently, assuring that there will be no inconveniences from our end.
  4. Secured Transaction – We transfer your amount through your desired E-payment methods and platforms. If you do not feel okay to share your bank details, tell us how you want to receive the cash, and we will follow that accordingly.

How to Get Started?

Follow these four simple steps listed below and sell us your device easily!

  1. Input Your Device Details – Open our form, enter all the details about your iPhone, mention its condition, and share it with us.  

  2. Receive your Quote – After receiving your request, we check the form, asses your device’s condition, and provide you with the most competitive quote.  

  3. Post Your Gadget – Once you accept the offer, pack your device and post it to our address.
  4. Get Payment – The moment we receive your device in our hands, we transfer the amount right away.  You are welcome to share your preferred E-payment platform to receive your cash.

iPhone 14 Models that you can sell to us

We purchase many iPhone models, including the 14 Series. Here’s the list:


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Do I Need to bundle additional accessories to sell my iPhone 14 Pro at a higher price?

Not at all, we do not ask you to share any accessories of your iPhone 14 Pro. While determining the resale value of your device, we solely consider its internal and external condition along with its market demand.

Once your iPhone box is unsealed, it’s considered as a second-hand device, so you might not receive the same purchase value. However, if your phone functions smoothly and remains in optimal condition, we will definitely offer a lucrative quote for it.

Once we receive your iPhone 14 Pro, we make the payment through E-payment mode, but only in cash form. Usually, we do not make payments in credit forms, as sellers don’t prefer it.

As long as your device turns on, we will accept it. However, a malfunctioned power button means your iPhone 14 Pro is in a faulty state, and will offer the quote accordingly.

We do not accept iPhones that are locked or password-protected. This is because such iPhones cannot be used by anyone other than the original owner. If we receive such a device, we will return it immediately, cancelling the contract. So, before posting it to us, remove the password and delete your iCloud account.

We never ask you to send the original box and bill with your device. Just pack and post your iPhone 14 Pro device safely and receive your quote.

The initial quote we shared with you is based on the condition of the device that you mentioned in the form. Once we receive your device and find the details accurate, we make the exact amount we mention in the quote. If the condition is worse than what you stated, we might send you a new quote for it.

Customer’s Feedback

iPhone14 Pro

247 is the one-stop shop!

I was trying hard to sell my iPhone 14 Pro and luckily came across 247 Green Gadgets. They guided me throughout the sales process, offered a lucrative quote, and transferred the amount instantly.

Adams Smith / iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone14 pro

The Best Bet in the Used gadget Market

The whole team of 247 Green Gadgets deserve to be appreciated. I never expected to receive such an excellent resale value for my massively dented iPhone 14 Pro. I highly recommend them.

Allen Jones / iPhone14 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro

247 is the best platform out there!

My iPhone 14 Pro had severe scratches on it, and the earphone plug was not performing well. So, I was having problems finding buyers. My friend suggested contacting 247 Green Gadgets, and it was the best decision ever.

Lily Williams / iPhone14 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro

247 Offers the Best Quote!

247 Green Gadgets has helped me sell my broken iPhone 14 Pro used with ease. I just had to mention my device’s condition, and they did the rest! I received the exact amount mentioned in their quote, there was no deduction.

William Brown / iPhone 14 Pro

247 Green Gadgets: The Most Genuine Platform

If you are searching for a genuine used device buying company, I will always recommend 247 Green Gadgets. I recently sold my second-hand iPhone 14 Pro to them and my experience was great.

George Wilson / iPhone14 Pro

247 Green Gadgets: My all-time Favorite!

247 Green Gadgets is my all-time favourite whenever I need to sell my used device. Both I and my wife sold our old iPhone 14 Pro and were happy with the quote they offered.

James Da / iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro

The Trusted Platform To Sell Your iPhone 14 Pro

Had an amazing experience with 247 Green Gadgets. I never knew that selling my used iPhone 14 Pro would be so simple and easy. The best t part is that I received the cash on the same day.

Bruno Taylor / iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro

247 Green Gadgets: the Platform I can Trust Blindly!

I finally sold my majorly dented iPhone 14 Pro, and all the credit goes to the 247 Green Gadgets team! They were very honest and offered me a fair price for my device. I highly recommend them.

Hailey Anderson / iPhone 14 Pro