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Keeping Old Phones? Sell Samsung Galaxy S5 at 247 Green Gadgets

Keeping an old phone is not a crime but it’s a waste if you are not using it. It’s better to sell it or give it away to someone who is in need of one. At 247 Green Gadgets we accept old Samsung models. You can sell your Samsung S5 and get a lucrative deal!

Here’s Why you should Put Up your Samsung S5 for Sale

 Second hand phones are way better than you think. It is true, however, that people often get swept away with the charm of a brand new device. There’s nothing like holding a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5, but purchasing a used device is more than its price.

It’s cheaper than a new device

The price of a second-hand Samsung S5 is currently priced as little as €64, which is a cheap buy. This means that when you sell your Samsung S5, it provides an affordable option for someone who might otherwise not be able to buy a new phone. 

You save the environment

More people means more consumers. Every year tons of electronic gadgets get wasted, most of them are old phones. But they risk the leakage of harmful chemicals.

You get more storage

Say, for example, a new Samsung S5 with 128GB storage would charge around €120 whereas a used model would cost you some €70.

Follow These Steps And You Are Done

Here are the steps you need to follow to put up your old Samsung S5 for sale.

Complete the online form

To sell Samsung S5, just head over to our website and fill up the online form. Give necessary details about your phone such as company, model number, and other important information.

Receive Quotation

You will receive a quote from us. If you are good to go, send us your device by post. 247 Green Gadgets value transparency, so you can offer your own prices before we come to a final deal.

Get Paid

As soon as we receive your Samsung S5, we will immediately verify its health and will pay you instantly. On the same day, without any delay.


Seamless Selling

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247 Green Gadgets is one of the most trusted sites among online sellers. You will not only get to know the authentic trade-in value of your used Samsung S5 but will also get a profitable ROI

Selling your Samsung S5 is the best way to prepare your financial account before you buy a new gadget.  For each Samsung S5 sell, you also protect the environment and prevent e-wastes

As of June 2023, the Galaxy S5 price starts at €64. The price usually depends on various factors such as internal storage. A Samsung S5 with 16GB configuration costs €80. 

Sell your old and used phones at 247 green gadgets. Trusted among sellers, it provides the actual trade-in values for your used phones. They base their price purely on the condition and the configurability of the phone