Sell iPad Pro 10.5 inch for extra cash

Sell an iPad Pro 10.5-inch and get a handsome amount of cash. Sell it to 247 Green Gadgets


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Make the Most of Your iPad Pro 10.5 Inch

Let’s be honest, Apple products have an aura of their own. It is indeed a luxury brand and even though the cost can be ridiculously high, they are a statement. A used iPad Pro 10.5 inch can be resold at a price just as good as the one it was bought at, provided the device has been properly maintained.

Apple has earned this fame over years of innovation and upping their game by coming up with the latest iPhone, AirPods, iPad Pro 10.5 inch and it is showing no signs of stopping.

Trading In Your iPad 10.5 Inch Pro

Trading in tech stuff has gone on for quite a long time and is still a great way to acquire the same. A used iPad Pro 10.5-inch trade-in can get you a new one.

You may not get exactly the amount you paid for the iPad 10.5-inch pro but the price you will get will hopefully cover a significant chunk of the amount you paid.

They have great resale value because the tech behemoth invests a lot in research and development. You can sell iPad Pro 10.5 inch easily to other enthusiastic Apple buyers. 

How Do We Work?

247 Green Gadgets is the place for selling your iPad Pro 10.5 inch and your other Apple products. It is only natural if you have questions about how we work. Let us come clean.

The Questionnaire

Firstly, you will be asked some questions about the condition of the device.

Receiving Quote

Secondly, we will provide you with a quote in the form of a message on Instagram. You can confirm the same by replying ‘FORM SENT’ to the message.

Post It To Us

Finally, if you are satisfied with the quote that we have sent to you, then we will send you a free QR code. Then you can sell your item such as iPad Pro 10.5 inch by taking it to a post office. Keep in mind that this is free and you will receive the money on the day we receive the same.


Seamless Selling

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Yes, you can. Apple products are a good investment. If you have saved some money then you can use that and the amount you got after selling to buy a new Apple product. 

Yes, they do. Apple has a closed ecosystem that has a hand in the high resale value once they are sold. An iPad Pro 10.5-inch trade-in can get you almost the same amount you paid to buy the thing.

If you are looking to sell your Apple product then you can give 24×7 Green Products a try. You can rest assured, transparency is our top commitment. We ask for every detail about the device before we initiate the process. 

The price of an iPad, such as iPad 10.5 Inch Pro depends on the storage size, the generation, and the condition it is in.