What We Do

Do you have a couple of smartphones and laptops you are no longer using? 247 Green Gadgets is here just for that. As a leader in the pre-owned electronics market, we don’t just offer a service; with our seamless selling process, we create an experience. Sign up with us to get the best deals for your used phone while making a green choice.

Our Vision

At 247 Green Gadgets, our aim is to provide excellent service to all our customers. With the help of our exchange program, we will buy your beloved gadget at the best price possible. This way we’ll be able to increase its longevity. At 247 Green Gadgets, we believe in keeping our earth greener and healthier for the future generation, that is why we save your old phone from ending up in landfills. Join us for our ethical and eco-friendly approach.


We at 247 Green Gadgets accept a wide range of smartphones and laptops from various brands.

Simply share your device information, receive a quote, accept the offer, and ship your device using the provided QR code. Once received, prompt payment is processed.

Everything is completely free with 247 Green Gadgets. There is no fee for getting our offer for your device. We cover shipping expenses as well. We’re maintain complete transparency with the seller. At no point will you come face to face with hidden costs and charges.

We assess devices thoroughly after we receive them. If the condition of the gadget is very different from the initial discussion, we may adjust the offer accordingly. Of course, we will communicate with you in details and answer all your queries.

The process is designed to be quick. From submitting information to receiving payment, it typically takes a few days, depending on shipping times.

Absolutely. Once you accept our offer, we will provide a QR code for secure shipping through trusted carriers.

The 247 Green Gadgets team assesses the device’s model, condition, and market value to provide a fair and competitive offer.

We offer various payment methods, including direct bank transfer and other secure options for your convenience.