From Trash to Cash: A Comprehensive Guide to Sell iPhone 13

From Trash to Cash: A Comprehensive Guide to Selling your iPhone 13


Currently, Apple has a significant hold on the smartphone market, with 26.2% of the consumer market worldwide. In 2022 alone, Apple sold 232 million iPhones. As per “The top 10 best-selling smartphones of 2022 – Counterpoint“, Apple sold the best-selling phone of 2022, the iPhone 13. Apple also sold the second-best-selling phone of 2022, the iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

And, this number makes sense because as Apple launches a new phone each year, many iPhone users eagerly want to upgrade to the latest model.

But this also means each user is left with an iPhone they no longer use. To combat this issue, iPhone 13 sell or trade-in is a great option. By selling their iPhone they can get rid of their old device and save some money in the process of buying a new one.

Overview of the iPhone 13

Overview of the iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 packs in more power and specs than the previous series. This is somewhat expected in the world of Smartphone users. People need a phone that qualifies for the ‘all-rounder’ test. iPhone 13 does exactly the same.

The iPhone 13 is also considered a budget phone, at least at this time. Amidst a sea of exemplary devices, this phone stands out as a package of Smartphone power and elegance.

The iPhone13 comes with a stronger build and larger screen size. You can categorise it as ‘more than enough’ for web browsing; watching videos or scrolling through Instagram. Yes, you do not get the much-appreciated and anticipated refresh rate of 120 Hz. But otherwise, it’s all fine.

One of the latest update of the iPhone 13 is that it’s strategically made by Apple to compete with Android devices. Take a look at its details:

• Larger battery (3240 mAh)
• Larger Screen (6.1”)
• FHD+ display
• 4k and 1080p video recording
• 4 GB of RAM
• iOS 15 (upgradable)
• 5G ready A15 Bionic chip

Why you should sell your iPhone 13

Why you should sell your iPhone 13

Have you already upgraded to a newer model but still have the old iPhone in your desk drawer? The best thing to do would be to simply sell your iPhone 13. Here’s why.

No utilization: If you have an iPhone 13 lying around, but you are not using it, then you are not exactly cultivating its real value there. A running phone lying around uselessly is not the right application for an old iPhone 13.

Contribution to pollution: One of the risks of keeping such a phone is radioactive pollution. When you keep a phone unused, then the core of the battery depletes. It emits harmful radioactive rays.

To sell the iPhone 13 is the best alternative for not using the phone. You can take the help of an online platform to seek sellers more easily. In fact, most of your job will be done on these platforms if you follow the correct selling regulations.

Preparing Your iPhone 13 for Sale

Before selling an iPhone 13 or any product, you will need to prepare. You will need to data backup. Apart from that, a vital step is to log out of the phone.

Delete and remove any unnecessary data you have on your phone. You might also want to go for data backup and management and then factory reset your phone to make it ready for the next user. It is quite important to offer the ‘out of the box’ experience to any buyer.

• Backup and Data Management

Backup and Data Management

To backup and manage your iPhone 13 data, you can choose one of four ways. They are given below for your consideration:

• You can back your data up online using the iCloud service. You will need to go to settings and then to iCloud option, which will then open up an iCloud backup section.

• Manual data restoration is also possible with a simple ‘Back Up Now’ option.

• Your Mac can help you back up data. You will need the iTunes app. You can again encrypt data by using ‘Encrypt Local Backup’ using the same app.

• Use iTunes in the same way with your Windows Laptop to back your iPhone 13 data up. Data encryption is possible too as the app works similarly to the Mac version.

• Factory Resetting Your iPhone 13

Factory Resetting Your iPhone 13

You must remember that factory resetting your phone means restoring its previous; default settings that came straight out of the box. This process might delete data already existing in the phone. Therefore, it is advisable that you finish the data backup process first before factory resetting your iPhone 13.

• You’ll need to go to settings and then factory settings, where you will find General options. You can Transfer or Reset Phone option. Tap on it to find the ‘Reset’ option and tap it.

• Bear in mind that it will change the network settings; home screen settings; location and privacy settings and many more. You may choose to change them specifically rather than changing all of the settings.

• Unlocking Your iPhone (If Applicable)

Unlocking Your iPhone

Unlocking your phone can give you a great deal of trouble. However, it is a general problem not only with unused phones but also with running devices. Here is the fix:

• It is best to contact your phone’s network provider if you find your phone locked. If you go to Settings and then to General and then to the About section, you can find vital information. Your phone is not likely to get locked if you find ‘No SIM Restrictions’.

• Activating an eSIM can help you unlock your phone in times of need.

• If these options do not work, then you can get a new SIM card and use it to unlock your phone.

• Turn off Find My

Turn off Find My

This is extremely important when you sell your iPhone 13. Apple’s Find My app is a priceless security feature that protects your data in case your device is ever stolen. If you sell your phone while this is still activated, it will be impossible for anyone to reset it. So, basically, the phone will be useless for the buyer. Make sure you go to settings and turn off the Find My app.

Determining the Selling Price of your iPhone 13

Determining the Selling Price of your iPhone 13

The selling price of the iPhone 13 depends on many things. A thorough evaluation of the phone comes first. The selling price won’t depend on it fully. It is because the prospective sellers and the platform to trade-in iPhone 13 come to determine the final price. However, your endeavors help streamline the process and make it faster.

• You will need to check and analyse the conditions of your phone. If, however, you fail to define it, then you may take the help of an Apple technical store to get a report in writing before you sell your phone.

• Make comparative market research to learn the best prices for your device. However, it is also wise to stick to the trade-in platform you have selected to sell your iPhone 13.

• Collect all accessories you have got with your iPhone 13 when you bought it. Make sure you have packed all accessories in working condition. If you don’t have one or you may have damaged an accessory or two, then you must be transparent with the fact.

Choosing the Right Platform to Sell

Chooseing the right platform to sell

The iPhone 13 is a popular device. You may sell it whenever you wish to. Even if the phones from the new series have appeared and there are alternative phones (such as the Android devices) to choose from, the iPhone 13 will always be in demand because of those specs; the upgradable OS and the hardware.

Online Marketplaces: Choosing online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay etc. can be a great option to sell your iPhone 13.

Trade-in Programs: Trade-in iPhone13 sales programs are even better than an online marketplace. Here, the service will help you sell your phone by finding you a buyer.

Local Selling Options: This is the basic way to sell your phone. However, you might need to spread the news and advertise your iPhone13 sales on numerous online and offline platforms such as Craigslist, local classifieds and so on.

Dedicated websites: There are several websites such as Gazelle, Swappa, and 247 Green Gadgets dedicated to purchasing and selling pre-owned smartphones. You might need to list your iPhone 13 and wait for a buyer to show interest, or you can simply sell it to the platform and they will take care of the rest.

• Creating a Compelling Listing

A phone or a product needs specific features with very clear information. Pick a comprehensive approach to furnish the documents and information of your iPhone 13 and you might get good results pretty soon.

• Snap clear and detailed photographs of your iPhone 13. They need not be professionally snapped photos (it still helps). But they need to be convincing enough.

• Write a detailed product description for your iPhone 13. The more detailed your product description, the more chances exist to get your phone sold.

• Be it selling your phone or trading it, you might need to add specific highlights of the iPhone 13. Chances are your customers are not aware of the iPhone 13 features. Knowing them will definitely help its saleability.

• Negotiation and Communication Tips

You may not have to be a sales and marketing professional. However, a little negotiation and communication with interested buyers can work well if you want to sell or trade-in your iPhone 13.

• You will need to negotiate with the prospective buyers weighing all the pros and cons of your used iPhone 13.

• Do not forget to disclose any distinct information about your iPhone 13 (if any).

• You will definitely need to set a price, that’s bearable for the customers and justified according to the condition of your iPhone.

• Respond to your buyer inquiries focusing on the right attention. Your buyers may not be perspective and Handling Negotiations Professionally

Ensuring a Safe Transaction

Ensuring a safe transaction

In order to Sell Your iPhone 13, you will need to secure your transactional matters. You want your money’s worth although it is a second hand model. Keep the following considerations in mind:

• Meeting in Safe Locations

A public place is always the safe place to meet a buyer. However, do not choose deserted places or places at the closing hours. However, take a few people with you in this situation. Have a friend or a family member with you if possible.

If you choose going to a café or a restaurant of any sort; make sure it’s a place you are familiar with.

• Using Secure Payment Methods

Often payment methods start all the complexities. The iPhone 13 buyer can choose to pay you in cash. That’s probably the safest way provided you know the difference between real and fake currencies.

Online payment can also be a good option. Choose a mobile wallet for the fastest transaction. To keep things safe; use a QR code to receive money.

• Verifying the Buyer’s Identity

Your buyer must have a photo ID card, which resembles his or her face and appearance. The payment or financial transaction is to be made beforehand you actually hand over your iPhone 13.

Shipping and Delivery Process

shipping and delivery process

Let’s suppose you have chosen a service to trade-in iPhone 13. That is a good decision. However, for services like these or online selling; you might need to package your iPhone maintaining all the rules there are.

• Proper Packaging

For things like an online selling or a trade-in service; the platform you have chosen will offer you the packaging materials and instructions.

• Choosing the Right Shipping Service

If, in case, you do not obtain free shipping service and guidelines, you will need to choose a shipping service. You can get them faster in the online medium than having to go to a shipping service centre.

• Providing Tracking Information

The trade-in or shipment service you have chosen will offer you guidelines and tracking details. To sell your iPhone 13, you will be provided a separate trade-in kit. This particular kit will bear a Quote-ID. Use the number of the Quote-ID in the confirmation mail to pack your iPhone. You might need to work with different IDs when you are selling more than one iPhone or other things such as an Apple Watch.

Closing the Deal

closing the deal

We are now going to close the deal very soon. Your packaging and shipment are done. All you will need to do now is to ensure you get your money and hand your iPhone over to the buyer you have negotiated with.

• Confirming Receipt of Payment

The day your packaged iPhone 13 is shipped, you will receive a steady and strong

With the Quote ID confirmed and the phone is packed and shipped, your job is to wait for the payment. With online trade-in services, you will receive the payment faster – sometimes even before the buyer agrees to buy it.

• Transferring Ownership and Deactivating Your iPhone

A written statement for the transferring of ownership along with consent to the mail must be sent. It officially transfers ownership to the next buyer.

• Leaving and Requesting Feedback

You may not have to keep in contact about the iPhone 13 you have just sold. But you can keep in contact. For example, requesting feedback is something you can do in order to keep in contact with things.

Final Tips and Considerations

Selling the iPhone 13 is not a seriously difficult task. You might think it that way. Essentially, it is not so. However, there are scammers and other kinds of threats existing in the marketplace. You can keep yourself aware of that by using these tips:

• Staying Informed About Market Trends

Recent market trends will put the iPhone in a particular position regarding its sales. When you want to sell iPhone 13 that’s a second hand one, you will need to find where the product might ‘’sit’ in the market according to the newest market trends. This includes taking note of the product and its present condition.

• Timing Your Sale Strategically

As you have known just now, your iPhone 13 will have a specific price margin. If it has a particular condition (screen damage or poor battery function etc.), then you have to create more strategies to sell your phone. However, it does not mean damaged phones aren’t sold.

• Being Mindful of Potential Scams

iPhone 13 is a premium phone that has a lot of buyers. The community is huge. Therefore, probabilities of scams do exist. Be mindful of your trade-in and sell your phone carefully maintaining all steps.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this article was of some assistance to you. To sell your iPhone 13 effectively, you may not always need to rush the process. Instead, take your time and make sure you have put all the pieces in their place before selling the phone.

• Backup your data and factory rest your phone
• Make sure you have written a good product description to create a listing
• Don’t hesitate to share iPhone 13 issues (if any)
• Follow the packaging and shipping rules
• Be aware of your scams
• Sell your phone

All the best to your iPhone 13 sales. Although this might be something new to you; it will enhance your skills as an individual.

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