Experts Recommend: The Phones with the Best Battery Life

10 phones with the best battery life

Few things feel worse than your phone dying in the middle of the day, while you are walking home, with no option of plugging it in. Sadly, this is a common concern. After all, a hi-tech phone is but a brick without a working battery. This is why a phone with the best battery life is a prime concern while shopping.

In the UK, the situation is by far worse. A survey was conducted recently, and it was found that approximately 41% of Brits have phones with highly draining batteries. And almost 62% of Brits want a better battery phone.

Let’s get to the base of this. There are so many phones with great battery life, and maybe right now you need to buy one such model.

How do phone features affect battery performance? 

A good battery alone does not guarantee great performance. Today, smartphones are feature-heavy. But this convenience comes at a cost. Some of the features on our gadgets put significant strain on the battery.  

Let us take a look.


The camera affects battery life, and that to a large extent. These days, major companies are introducing cameras that optimise the battery to a good limit. Now, mobile cameras have multiple features like sensors, image processing units, and image stabilisation units which need high power consumption.

Most of the power consumption comes in when you’re recording a 4K video, let’s say. Now there’s no phone where the battery usage will be too low if a 4K video is shot. But still, brands are coming up with phones that use low power while stabilising the image. 

Screen size and resolution

Screen size is a major factor when you’re looking for phones with the best battery life. Large screen size means high pixel count; say we’re talking about a 2K screen quality. More pixels definitely will consume more power, so it’s better to stick to phones that have a standard screen size.

Nowadays, you can buy smartphones that claim to have full HD resolution. Even budget-range smartphones are coming up with an HD screen, so resolution does affect phone battery a good amount.

If you prefer a phone that has a very high resolution for playing games or streaming, then the battery loss will be high.  

Screen brightness

This is a factor to consider for phone batteries. Excessive screen brightness can be a reason for lowering battery health to a good degree. Constantly using the phone for long hours can be bad for the battery to sustain in the long run.

It’s wise to turn on the auto-brightness while using the phone for a long time. That optimises the battery’s health.

Also, not using a phone in sunlight can be a good option as well. When you’re using a smartphone directly in sunlight, even if the auto-brightness is turned on, it will affect the battery largely.  

Fast charging 

Charging time is an important thing to notice. You’ll get a large list of phones that have a fast charging facility, but that’s rather bad news for phones. Fast charging usually is responsible for heating the phone too quickly.

In summer seasons, fast charging should be generally avoided because that’s highly responsible for getting the battery heated up. 

Battery size

This is an important factor too. A large battery size will generally have better battery health as compared to a phone that has a lower battery size. Let’s understand the point here. Phones like Samsung Galaxy A54 have a 5000 mAh battery, which makes the phone highly recommendable.

Large battery size means the battery will be retaining charge for a longer time at one charge, so this needs to be taken into consideration.

GPS and Bluetooth

The major reason for a low smartphone battery is GPS, among others. All over the world, almost 4 billion people have been using GPS. This shows how important GPS is in daily life, but also a reason why you see a low charge at the end of the day.

Now how much does GPS affect phone battery health? 

Almost 13% of battery health is rapidly reduced by GPS. This means, turning on GPS for a long time can seriously eat up most of the charge you’ve saved for more important tasks. 

The second factor that affects a phone’s battery is Bluetooth. A statistical survey shows that globally, almost 1.57 billion shipments of Bluetooth devices will occur in 2024. This is projected to reach 1.84 billion shipments by 2027, so that means too many people already use Bluetooth for audio streaming. 

Well, the question is how much charge is consumed by Bluetooth connectivity. That’s low, not too much but constantly using Bluetooth for hours can affect the battery. Many brands have their phones experience high battery drain, while few brands don’t just by turning on Bluetooth. 

Bloatware apps

There are some pre-installed apps, usually called bloatware, that affect a phone’s battery greatly. You can easily check this just by navigating to the phone’s battery dashboard and finding out which apps are draining maximum charge. 

Many apps like social media and texting apps have a high-end need, they have so many features power-packed that they’ll need high power consumption.

Apart from screen time, the charge is also eaten by video-based apps, if you’ve installed any song streaming app or apps that use high graphics.

Background apps 

Even after turning off the phone for long hours, you won’t know but there are always some background apps working behind. These apps are basically to keep the phone in working condition, but not every background app is like that. 

Your phone can have many social media apps running in the background, highly depleting the charge. Unless you close the apps and reboot your phone, these background apps can be a menace to your phone’s battery. 

Dark mode vs Light mode

This is a major thing that has to be taken into consideration. Dark mode is said to consume way less battery than light mode, so enabling dark mode can be a good choice for saving the phone’s battery.

It has been reported that dark mode does cut off charge reduction by almost 42% and preserves the charge for a longer duration. This also depends on the model, but still, dark mode is a good choice in phones with the best battery life.

Overnight charging 

All smartphone batteries come with a certain lifespan, which depends on the charge cycle. Now if this charge cycle is disturbed, the phone battery starts ageing. A research study found that almost 42% of smartphone problems are related to battery issues.

Let’s get back to the point. In the case of overnight charging, the battery ages rapidly. Even research studies have got to the point, stating that it’s better to not charge overnight.


Software updates do matter to a good extent. It’s because of better software updates, phone battery health is improved. 

Many times we skip system updates, or just postpone updating to a later time. It takes hardly 10-15 minutes for the entire system to be updated, but battery optimisation becomes readily available after getting a software update.

Here are 10 phones with the best battery life

Getting a new phone is as exciting as buying a new house, we know!

But why do you need a new phone with the best battery life?

There are so many reasons as to why your phone is rapidly draining. Check if any of these reason match with yours:

  • Your phone always has some background apps running on
  • You change your phone too many times
  • You play too many games with low memory
  • You didn’t upgrade your phone for a long time

If your phone is facing any of these issues, let’s focus on some fantastic phones that you’d want to buy. Get to know the best phones for the best price.

1.  iPhone 15 Pro Max

This phone comes in really good specs, as many people have appreciated the battery capacity and screen time so much. Having features like Dynamic Island and a true HDR display, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is quite great when that comes to going without a charge for 2 days.

The model also supports 4K video recording without much loss in battery, so you can go for this. The technology used is a Lithium-ion battery and uses the latest iOS 17.

Battery standby life

2 days

Battery capacity

4441 mAh

Charging time (from 0-100%)

2 hours

Heating issues

Lower heating issues

2.  Samsung Galaxy A54

This model has come up recently, and it is a flagship phone. Having a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, this phone’s a beast. With a great screen ratio and the best ability to get away with dust and rain splash, the battery is highly appreciated.

Battery standby life

2 days

Battery capacity

5000 mAh

Charging time (from 0-100%)

Fast charging, 3 hours

Heating issues

Lower healing issue

3.  OnePlus 12R Genshin Impact Edition

If you want a different battery backup, this phone is quite great in proving that according to your budget. Oneplus has always been great in having a good reputation for better battery capacity, and the 5500 mAh battery goes for a whole 24 hours at one dash charge!

Let’s hear from the customer community.

The battery is super cool and top for playing hardcore games like Free Fire. The phone goes smoothly for 8 hours and still has half charge left.

Battery standby life

17.6 hours

Battery capacity

5500 mAh

Charging time (from 0-100%)

26 minutes

Heating issues

No as such found

4.  Realme 9 Pro 5G

Realme 9 Pro has gained a great reputation in the market among phones with the best battery life. The phone has a great feature set, and you can go a complete 1 hour with an insane amount of activities like YouTube and constant music playing.

The battery drainage is totally low, amounting to 15% even after using apps like Spotify and BGMI games. Coming with a Mediatek Dimestity 920 processor, which ranks in the top above 830, this phone boasts a great battery performance.

Battery standby life

1 hour 25 minutes

Battery capacity

5000 mAh

Charging time (from 0-100%)

50 minutes

Heating issues

Lower heating

5.  Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Another battery-efficient model from Samsung, the battery specs amazed us! With WiFi, the phone allows any user 28 hours of direct internet usage, and 30hours of video playback and is a completely lightweight one.

Battery standby life

2 days 8 hours

Battery capacity

5000 mAh

Charging time (from 0-100%)

1 hour 27 minutes

Heating issues

No such issues or heating problems. If any arises, it can be solved just by cleaning cache memory and by manually updating the system OS.

6.  Sony Xperia 1 IV

Sony can’t be missed out as the top brand that has been producing great smartphones with the best batteries.

With adaptive charging and Qi-certified wireless charging, this model also has a battery-sharing facility. This is the reason people love Sony Xperia, as with the battery-sharing facility, you can charge your phone without plugging in the charger.

Battery standby life

1 day 23 hours (close to 2 days)

Battery capacity

5000 mAh

Charging time (from 0-80%)

1 hour

Heating issues

No such issues

7.  Oppo A78 5G

This one is a budget phone, having two variants of battery and fast charging support. When you’re looking for a phone with the best battery life that can be used on the go, this phone is a decent one. Although being a budget phone, don’t try to compare it with flagship models.

We found the 5000 mAh battery decent and has fast charging Type C charging, you can check this one out.

Battery standby life

2 days

Battery capacity

5000 mAh

Charging time (from 0-100%)

1 hour 34 minutes

Heating issues

No heating issues

8.  Asus Zenfone 10

Although this model by Asus isn’t a great upgrade to the Zenfone 9, Asus still came up with a better solution to improving the battery.

Again a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 model, this phone is truly a champion on springing with a 13-hour’ playback time. Also, you’ll have to hardly turn on the battery-saver mode, so this model can be a nice choice.

Battery standby life

13 hours

Battery capacity

4300 mAh

Charging time (from 0-80%)

80 to 85 Minutes

Heating issues

No great heating issues

9.  Pixel 7A

Google launched this model with the Google Tensor G2 Titan M2 processor and is considered safe for locking away all sensitive data under a strong cap.

But why this model in terms of battery? Google offers a 24-hour battery playtime, with vigorous gaming and contact use.

Battery standby life

72 hours

Battery capacity

4300 mAh

Charging time (from 0-80%)

1 hour

Heating issues

Has a few heating issues

10. Realme 11 Pro 5G

Realme 11 Pro has been named by many industry experts, so we have researched this model. Coming with Android 13 and a great battery backup, this model has a 67W supercharging feature.

Battery standby life

Around 2 days

Battery capacity

5000 mAh

Charging time (from 0-50%)

Fast, 15-18 mins

Heating issues

No heating issues

4 Tips to choosing a phone with the best battery life

Now there’s no universal rule for choosing a phone with the best battery life, but just some ground tips. Let’s start with the basics here. 

The first tip is to check the battery capacity, as a high mAh capacity will be the main thing to look out for. You can look for battery rating too, as this will determine the overall battery capacity for retaining charge for longer hours. 

  • What is mAh?

But before we get into that, let’s find out what mAh is. Now basically, mAh means the amount of charge a battery will be retaining per hour. Let’s not get into lessons of thermodynamics, but in brief, it mAh is milliampere per hour, where ampere means a measure of energy.

Battery capacity

And if you want to do a little bit of maths, here you go. If the battery is 5000 mAh, it means it does last for 8-10 hours, if your phone is consuming 20% charge per hour. 

The battery capacity index can be found easily from any smartphone battery index, and you can also read about the battery retaining proportion on various review websites.

For example, some phones with the best battery life like 6000 mAh are coming up. The question lies, are these batteries retaining charge for too long?

You can find that out simply by reading reviews of others, which can be posted either on the e-commerce site or just on dedicated review sites.

Look for the processor 

The processor matters, as almost every task of the phone depends on the processor. Currently, MediaTek and Snapdragon are the top chosen processors, given their capacity to power smartphones even with hyped use.

A power-packed processor will never let your phone’s battery get depleted, so it’s necessary to check out the processor before buying your dream phone.

Antutu test can be a good start

While Antutu is a perfect score for checking the overall health of a phone’s health, it is a good indicator of the phone’s battery health. Before buying your phone, you can just visit the Antutu website and check the score.

There’s also an individual app available from their official website, which you can use to check the phone’s battery health.

Always read reviews 

Reviews matter to a good extent, as most of the phone’s battery-related reviews are already up in many places on the internet. You can read the reviews about how easily the battery is getting lowered, and also how well the battery has been performing.

Mostly, a reputed and trusted website will always post genuine reviews about the phone’s battery, so try to check out that. These sites list phones with the best battery life.

7 Tips to Maintaining Your Smartphone’s Battery Performance

Now, whatever phone you’re going to buy, it should be cared about and also the battery should be preserved. So we got you some amazing tips right here to pick a phone with the best battery life. Check these out!

Updating OS

Always update your phone’s OS. Latest updates always fix firmware bugs that drain the battery. You’ll find many times that the recent software updates contain information like battery health fixes and battery improvement. These things show that system OS updates improve battery woes.

No overcharging 

Overcharging is the most underrated topic to talk about in maintaining a healthy phone battery. Although modern smartphones have come up with an automatic process of pausing off charge once the phone is charged, still it’s advised that the phone’s battery shouldn’t be charged beyond 80-85%. 

Turn off GPS when not needed 

Now the things with GPS are a bit different. GPS if turned on, but the Wi-Fi or cellular data is not available, can still function. When you’re in a superstore, subway, or cafe, your phone may not have a proper network. And if the GPS is turned on then, your phone’s battery will be heavily consumed.

It’s been reported publicly that GPS consumes maximum battery in a weak connection, consuming almost 38% of a phone’s battery.

This is why when you’re handling your phone in public places unless you need location assistance, turn off the GPS feature.

Lower brightness 

Imagine using high brightness on a complete 4K supported smartphone screen. The battery charge will be consumed way too fast, and the phone may heat up easily. 

Reducing brightness is the best option, but it’s frustrating to always reduce brightness based on the environment. You can turn on the adaptive brightness setting, or auto-brightness.

That’s by far the best way to maintain battery health to a good degree.

Uninstall bloatware 

Uninstalling bloatware from the phone is the quickest ladder to get better battery health. Many phones come up with pre-installed apps, which are bloatware, and these apps just add to nothing but drain the battery. 

Bloatware is found in most phones and is the evil of battery. Battery life is greatly affected by the number of apps installed, but bloatware is an unnecessary app.

You can think of that as junk, so better to uninstall more quickly. 

Clearing cache 

Clearing the cache is the primary task of improving a phone’s battery. Now, what does cache mean? Cache means a temporary way of storing data and using it for later use. Whatever websites you visit using your phone’s browser, cookies are saved.

These caches sometimes interrupt normal battery functioning. Caches are data, and always increasing the junk collection of phones. You can clear it by getting to settings and checking on the RAM booster.

Maintain standard charge 

Android and iPhone, both have an optimum charge percentage. Now, this means that keeping the phone charged between 50-80% is considered the best, instead of charging the phone from 0% to run it to 100%. 

You should also avoid idle charging and overcharging. Many people just plug in their phones and charge overnight, which is affects smartphone battery health critically.


Get yourself one of these phones, now that you know the phones with the best battery life. You can buy one from an authentic phone seller in the UK, so just check for the seller’s background before opting to buy. 

And with these amazing tips, you can maintain great battery health in the long term.

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